Correspondence Dinner Hosts Run Interference for Biden…

but mock Trump and his supporters like Kelly Ann, Giuliani, McCarthy, Hannity, Tucker, and Judge Jeanine. No mention of Gutfeld or Watters though. Biden managed to eke out his self-deprecating humor without brain freeze this time, but couldn’t stop picking on the GOP. He brought up Brandon so we know he always knew what the crowds were chanting even though he played dumb. Some of his jokes fell flat especially the one about Disney, but he awkwardly chuckled anyway. He just can’t read a crowd. Biden’s bowtie was crooked; but the more he fiddled with it, the crookeder it got. Sort of like the clean up of the Hunter laptop story. His bowtie leaned far to the left, symbolic of the audience: Crooked and Left.

Some of the surprising moments of the night were the constant jabs at Governor DeSantis. His name was mentioned more than Biden’s. DeSantis is the new Trump. Boy, they really are nervous about his popularity. They also made a snide reference to Governor Abbott. They mocked two Democrats: Manchin and Senima and the launch of CNN+. But at least they mentioned that FOX News is the #1 Cable News Network to a tepid response from the leftist crowd. They also had to mention, “Hannity is the longest running News Anchor on television” to a shocked audience like they didn’t even know. Shows what great journalists they are. Must have missed that story. But no mention of Newsmax. I guess they don’t want anyone to know there’s more than one news network that reports the truth.

Many more apropos jokes could have been made at Biden’s expense, but quite sure the Easter Bunny proofread Noah’s jokes and crossed them out. Too many awards were given to journalists who reported on January 6th claiming Trump was the inciter of the riot. That has not been proven and should be considered spreading disinformation. Two years from now the truth will come out that January 6th was planned by the FBI, and no one will apologize. They still claim Trump colluded with Russia to win in 2016. Not one award given on the Laptop From Hell story. Shocker.

These Democrats break their own rules and lack self-awareness. The worst of the night was when they had the nerve to compare alter boy Peter Doocy to slick Hunter Biden saying they both used their father’s name to succeed in business. But they left out that Hunter is a drug-addicted bagman who got kicked out of the military and travels to other countries on our government’s dime selling his daddy’s name in order to rake in millions for all the Bidens. Disgraceful joke. It was like comparing fictitious Theodore Cleaver to Damien from The Omen.

All and all, a missed opportunity for the press to prove to the public that they aren’t in the tank for Biden, but instead ran interference for him. Epic fail. The press should be unbiased, neutral, and just report the facts. But those days are gone.


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