There’s a Snake in the Grass at the SCOTUS.

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What’s new at the SCOTUS? This leak of a draft of a ruling on Roe being overturned is unprecedented. What could possibly be the difference? Could it be the justice who recently said, “We have overcome”? Who’s “We”? Is it the women’s movement? Is it the Black Movement? We have a radical snake in the grass in the highest court. She wasn’t going to stand for Roe to be overturned or a loss in November to the GOP. Not on her watch. So what does she do? She leaks out a draft to a law clerk to promote protests in the street to essentially effect the midterms by getting out the young vote. The left will scare the woke youth about horror stories of back alley abortions, no doubt.

Will this justice be blamed for inciting riots in the streets? Will she be kicked off the court? This law clerk will possibly become a hero in the eyes of the left just like Balsey Ford, Vindman, and the Whisleblower. We never seem to be on top of this crap the left pulls on us. How did we not see this coming? Is the left mad at the leak? No. They are mad at the potential ruling which is very telling. You’d think they’d be mad at the leak.

The leak is worse than the ruling as it means we can never trust the Supreme Court again with any deliberations as there’s a snake in the grass. Biden has already voiced an opinion that this ruling means we have to elect pro choice members to congress in November. Shocker and more evidence that this was a well planned leak created in the backrooms by desperate Democrats like Nancy and Schiff. They know what gets the people riled up. They are clearly desperate and some heads need to roll. Another planned coup by the left to effect the results of the election in November by taking the focus off a failing president and possibly to instigate need for packing of the court.

We should know by now that whenever we are ahead, they are ten steps ahead of us in planning their next sham, scam, or hoax. That’s why the leader of the snakes is always grinning a sinister grin. He has his drones working on their next plan. How did we let this snake in the grass get away with this? Will the FBI be called in to investigate? Not a chance. They are all in it together. They are all evil.

Cue the pink knit caps in the streets from now till November. Call Ashley Judd and Madonna. They are all sick but shrewder than us, unfortunately. This news is akin to Trump’s locker room talk tape leaked by NBC. We just have to be more vigilant by knowing that the left always has something up their sleeves.


4 thoughts on “There’s a Snake in the Grass at the SCOTUS.

  1. Apparently, the opinion draft was real according to the reaction by Justice Roberts and he has vowed to punish the leaker. So it is likely a lefty clerk that took things into his/her hands to try to change the outcome.


  2. Yeah, he had to say something as it makes the court look bad. Who’s going to investigate, Biden’s AG or FBI? I think a clerk would have to get a wink and a nod from a lefty justice to leak this.


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