The Left Steals a Line From the Right.

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All year long we’ve heard conservative pundits say, “This ain’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party. The party has gone too far woke.” I guess it got to them so they had to turn the tables on us and use the same line only in reverse.

Yesterday Chuck Schumer feigned outrage over Roe being overturned (supposedly) and said, “These are Trump Justices not your grandfather’s Republican Party. It’s a far-right Republican party.” Way to plagiarize, Schumer. And spare us your fake anger. Where’s your anger at the Supreme Court having a mole? Oh, that’s right, you knew the leak was coming just like the whistleblower you guys hired.

The Dems know Roe was bad law from the get go. With advances in science, it has proved to be unconstitutional in modern times. They only like science when it’s on their side. They also know overturning Roe does not mean an end to abortions. There’s a morning-after pill now and Planned Parenthood clinics throughout America that are governed by their state. It just won’t be the law of the land any longer. There’s a few other unconstitutional, amoral laws that went into effect under Obama that should be overturned.

Bottom line: this leak is just a ruse to prevent us from taking over the House and Senate in November by changing the subject off a failing presidency and onto “Women’s Right to Choose.” PERIOD. Leak it early to get more crazies on their side. The Leaker will be protected by the left just as Schumer’s Whistleblower was. There will be no investigation. All part of their sick playbook. Expect riots from BLM, Antifa, pink cap ladies, and college age feminists from now until election day.

Kudos to Trump’s nominated justices who finally got the chance to overturn Roe. They stuck to their convictions and hopefully will not cave before the final verdict comes out. Kudos to the candidates that Trump endorsed for congress that won last night. Trump had a clean sweep. Get these woke clowns out of congress in November. Last night proved that Trump still has power and respect even though he’s not in office. Can’t say the same for Biden who’s in office and has no pull.

And to the left: We know you like to steal elections but don’t steal our slogans like “Buy America”, “Made in America”, and now “This ain’t your Grandfather’s Party”. Be original for once in your life. It almost looks as though you have no original thoughts, ideas, or plans other than cheating.


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