It DOESN’T Take a Village, Teachers, or Government to Raise our Children!

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Unless you’re a Socialist. It takes good parenting to raise children, preferably by two parents and preferably a male and a female. But single moms or dads or gay couples or grandparents can do it too without interference from the schools, a village, or the government. When Hillary famously said, “It takes a village” that was her way of saying that she didn’t raise Chelsea but that a boarding school did. It relieved her guilt. This is why Chelsea is so naïve to what her father and mother were accused of. She’s about as dumb as Joy Behar from The View or AOC of the House.

But for Biden to say “We don’t own our kids, the school does” what a weirdo. I guess it makes him feel better around these small kids if he thinks the school owns them. Forget the parents. They’re nothing. Also shows he’s pissed at parents for not agreeing with the CRT and sexual education that schools are forcing down our kids’ throats.

Biden has offended a lot of groups these days:

  1. 75 Million Trump Voters (We’re not in a cult nor do we all own MAGA hats)
  2. Parents
  3. Supreme Court
  4. Republicans
  5. Police
  6. Pro-Lifers
  7. Russians
  8. Climate Change Deniers
  9. Oil and Meat companies
  10. Truckers
  11. Billionaires
  12. Unvaccinated
  13. the Doocys
  14. the DeSantis’s
  15. the Abbotts
  16. Border Agents
  17. Anti-maskers
  18. Conservative judges
  19. FOX and Newsmax reporters
  20. Commuters
  21. the Hannitys
  22. the Carlsons
  23. Election results deniers
  24. January 6th prisoners
  25. and the Elusive white supremacists, wherever they are.

That’s a lot of peeps he’s offended. It’s half of America, at least. He better be careful about adding anymore to this list. He was supposed to be a Uniter not a Divider, but all he’s done is divide us by color, race, gender, religion, political party, and economic status.

He called Trump voters the “MAGA group, most extreme political group in history” which can be translated “one of the most popular candidates in history with a huge following that probably won the last election if not for widespread voter fraud.” He wishes he had Trump’s following.


Why is it okay for Kamala to give a speech shouting “we will fight for women’s healthcare!” but not be called out for inciting violence which occurred in L.A.? They accused Trump for inciting violence for saying “march to the Capitol to peacefully and patriotically have your voices heard.” The pass given to Democrats is outrageous. Now these anarchists are marching to the Supreme Court Justices’ private residences. Incomprehensible that these lifetime judges have to be threatened in their own homes!

If all this was happening under Trump, the protestors would be arrested on the spot and kept in jail indefinitely. They’d call it an insurrection and threat to democracy. They’d call it attempting a coup to overturn a verdict given by the SCOTUS. But just wait and see, these clowns will be violent and allowed to stay to intimidate the justices–the “means justifying the end.”

This is the world Biden has given us: Mob rule and intimidation. Back to normalcy? I think not, unless normalcy for him are streets afire like in 2019 and 2020 leading up to the stolen election. History repeating itself much, Biden?

What’s next, mass mail-in ballots being sent out and drop boxes provided by Zuckerberg et al? The GOP better get ahead of what’s coming down the pike from the left; as so far, it looks like we’re going to be caught with our pants down again this November. Fool us once…


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