Report Card on Biden’s Promises.

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Promises made by Biden, in no particular order:

  1. Bring back dignity and decency: F
  2. Eradicate covid: D
  3. Unite Americans in both Red and Blue States: F
  4. End to fossil fuel, drilling, pipelines, and coal: A+
  5. End to chaos and lower the temperature in the streets: F
  6. Restore honesty and transparency in government: F
  7. Foreign affairs expertise: F
  8. Work across the aisle: F
  9. Bring country back to normalcy: F
  10. Restore the economy to pre-covid: D
  11. Stop the wall and open up borders: A+
  12. No one making less than $400,000 will see increased taxes: F
  13. Lower the deficit: F
  14. Promote transgender and LBGTQ rights: A+
  15. End to racial discord: F
  16. Keep America safe by screening illegals entering: F
  17. Hunter’s laptop was Russia disinformation: F
  18. Promote EV, windmills, and solar: A
  19. Promote interracial and gay couples in advertising: A
  20. Nominate Black Woman for Supreme Court: A
  21. Inflation will only be temporary: F
  22. Get Americans and allies out of Afghanistan before the troops: F
  23. Migrants will only be here temporarily: F
  24. No Critical Race Theory will be taught in schools: F
  25. Fire anyone in his staff who insults another person: F

Totals: 17 F’s, 2 D’s, and 6 A’s. Meaning that he hasn’t honored 76% of his promises which translates to: Promises Made, Promises Broken = Final Grade 24%.

Notice how most of the promises he kept benefit rights for illegals, Blacks, and LBGTQ? What about white folks? What about seniors? What are we, chopped liver?

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