Message to Pro-Choicers Outside SCOTUS Homes.

Pro-choice socialists

My body, my choice?” Really? Where were you when we wanted freedom to not wear a mask on OUR faces or to refuse the covid vaccination in OUR bodies? You were nowhere to be found. You are looking like the biggest hypocrites in U.S. History right now. You claim to be for women’s health yet you are terrorizing the homes that have wives inside along with children. You really don’t give a hoot about women’s health or women. You only care about maintaining control of the House and Senate which is quickly slipping through your fingers because the president you voted (cheated) for is a buffoon who’s ruining the country and turning us Socialist. You are mispresenting yourselves. You’re nothing but climate change activists working for Biden.

From the looks of the crowd, it contains scruffy old men like Bernie, Antifa, BLM, a few college- age feminists, and some old ones too like AOC. Basically rioters 2019-2.0. The left was looking for a new reason to protest, thus the premature leak of the SCOTUS ruling on Roe. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Wonder if your mother had chosen to abort you? You wouldn’t have been born or able to wear pink knit caps or have the right to protest. You’d be nothing more than abortion clinic waste, thrown out with the trash. Think about it. It is against the law to protest in front of a court or judge’s home. You should all be arrested, but Biden doesn’t want you arrested. He’d rather keep peaceful Capitol demonstrators behind bars indefinitely. Biden is a ruthless dictator out for revenge against Trump voters. This is all another well-planned ahead coup.

Biden is behind these drones attacking the judge’s homes. He is so worried about losing his current position that he has the idiots out in droves helping him. It is also being done to take the news narrative off of inflation which is rising faster than the stock market is falling. Everything Biden touches turns to shit. He is now known as the worst president in U.S. History. We are in a de facto war with Russia as we are spending billions in weapons for Ukraine. He is getting us close to World War III, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we have sent soldiers over there as Biden is not transparent. The more we are distracted with the likes of these protestors, the more the FBI and CIA are likely to not foresee a future attack on our soil. Be careful to not distract them from their real jobs.

I’m actually pro-choice under certain circumstances like if the pregnancy would endanger the life of the mother. A baby causing a death to its mother would be a tragedy worth avoiding. But with Roe not being the law of the land does not change a thing. One may still seek out an abortion even take a morning-after pill. It won’t be against the law or hurt women’s healthcare. That’s just nonsense spread by the leftists. They’ll still be able to seek birth control methods, etc. And to the idiots on tv who say we are coming for the gays next, that’s just their next scare tactic to get all the gays to vote Democrat even though they are losing their asses under Biden.

Stay away from SCOTUS homes. They were selectively chosen to be on the highest court of the land and do not deserve to be treated like this. They deserve better. Protest the White House as that’s where your anger should be focused.


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