Senator Rick Scott Sends Scorching Message to Biden.

“Resign. That’s a good idea.,” says Joe caught flatfooted by a unanticipated dressing down.

Notice how Biden’s smile gets bigger and bigger as the insults mount. This isn’t a normal reaction to a dressing down. He should be frowning. If someone called me unfit for office, unwell, incoherent, incapacitated, and confused, I think I’d have a different reaction. But the truth of the matter is, Scott is correct in what he said. Biden is the creator of inflation and should resign! PERIOD. He’s a human wrecking ball to this country. But Biden’s smile also reveals that no one can touch him as they don’t want his VP as a replacement. So his continued presidency is insured by Kamala.

Biden had no comeback other than to say, I think the man has a problem. He also uttered earlier that Rick Scott was a senator in Wisconsin. He got his states mixed up. He said, “The Republicans have an Ultra MAGA plan to combat inflation.” Ridiculous as the Democrats control the House, Senate, and the DOJ whose AG is just a puppet for Biden. Notice Biden is playing up the word MAGA. I guess his handlers told him that word “gets the biggest reaction from his base.” Plus he’s jealous of Trump.

Biden’s campaign should come up with a blue baseball cap reading MALA for “Make America Last Again” or “Make America Lose Again” or better yet, MABA for “Make America Broke Again” as this where we’re heading. Our stock market has had the longest continual downfall in 21 years. We’ve lost all our profits earned in 2021. I’m sure his campaign could come up with a hat like Trump’s. Or just MAW for Make America Woke” or MAS for “Make America Socialist.” It’s no secret any longer so they might as well run on it.

Biden is the “Blame President” as he blames everyone but himself for the problems in our country, but I suspect the Independents are starting to see through him. He can’t blame Putin for a supply shortage of baby formula. If we are relying on Russia to feed our babies, then we have bigger problems than we know. But surprisingly there are truckloads of baby formula sitting at the border reserved for migrants crossing illegally. Why does Biden care more about foreigners than he does our citizens? Could it be he is unfit for office, unwell, incoherent, incapacitated, and confused? If so, invoke the 25th Amendment already. We’ll deal with Kammie when the time comes.

I blame Jill for keeping her incoherent husband in office. She is a terrible wife, a terrible mother who raised drug addicts, probably a terrible professor, and a terrible First Lady. The only thing she is good at is “status climbing” like Kammie. They slept their way to advance their careers or status.


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