Biden Wants an End to Guns, Gasoline Cars, and Births.

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Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit but whenever he comes to the mic, he slips up and tells us what he really wants. He wants us all driving EV cars and even admitted increased gas prices are a means to an end of gasoline. He also wants an end to the 2nd Amendment which his drones in the media are asking for. And finally, he wants less babies being born like AOC is touting to combat overpopulation. All part of her Green New Deal plan which Biden is onboard with.

But if we stacked all our discarded gasoline cars on top of each other, they would probably reach the moon. Where in the hell does Biden think all these abandoned cars would go? Smashed and recycled? Museums? He never looks at the big picture. Guns aren’t killing people; mentally ill, gangs, and criminals are. Births are part of our pursuit of happiness and are protected by the constitution. So you see, guns, gasoline cars, and births are here to stay whether he likes it or not. You can’t eliminate them.

Biden is an angry, old man that wants to leave behind a legacy known as “The Green President who saved the world.” Unfortunately, the only green he will be remembered for is his green with envy of Trump. Trump was a successful businessman that knew how things are run; and as a result, everything he touched turned to gold. Conversely, Biden is a lifetime bureaucrat that has never run anything; so everything he touches, turns to dust.

Biden now realizes that he has ruined America in two short years, has lost most of his fanbase, and is grasping at straws. Laura Ingraham said it best, Biden uses tragedies to promote his own political agenda. Shameful. He is not the empathetic or the compassionate president like Democrat Brett Baier keeps falsely repeating. I see the opposite. He’s turned to stone from the tragedies he has experienced in his life. Rather than sympathizing with others, he’s now cold and calculating.

The Democrat Party props him up as some sort of older, wiser, gentler, more experienced politician, but he has even failed at foreign policy. He should never comment on foreign policy, said Senator Rand Paul recently. He also shouldn’t be sharing our foreign policy positions for the world to hear. The old adage, “Loose lips, sink ships” comes to mind. And Biden has loose lips. The person behind the teleprompter is running the show. Sort of like in The Wizard of Oz. Notice Biden couldn’t blame yesterday’s shooter on white supremacy as the kid was Hispanic, so he reverted to his old standby: gun lobbyists and gun sales. Boy, oh boy, that must have stuck in his craw not to mention white supremacy.

So while Biden continues to try to eliminate guns, gasoline cars, and births in America, let’s keep setting him straight by speaking our mind where and whenever we can.


Part of the problem in mass shootings of late is adults (even Democrat ones) are angry about where our country is headed and their anger trickles down to their children. Other problems are: Biden’s open borders have allowed many less than desirable characters into our country. Schools are too soft on troubled students, police have dropped the ball, and kids have no home supervision. Some have no father figure in the family. Schools need to be secured from within not just on the outside. Fenced perimeters, one locked entry door, metal detectors, security cameras, armed guard outside, and at least one volunteer teacher trained in gun usage to protect the children. Allow the police or FBI to surveil troubled teens social media that post photos of themselves garnishing guns and threatening lives. None of the above was done at this school. Abolish the Promise Program initiated by Obama.

In the fifties, we had air raid drills in the classroom in the event we got bombed from above. We weren’t upset by the drills. We weren’t snowflakes either. We had disciplinary teachers who scolded and punished us. Schools should have shooter drills in the classroom. Where to go, what to do, etc. similar to fire drills. It sounds scary, but there are too many crazy 18-year-olds out there. Covid shutdowns had them confined for over a year and now they are coming out armed for bear. If our government refuses to secure our schools, then we’ll have to put our kids in private school or homeschool. Don’t leave it up to the individual school districts. We don’t want our innocent children being massacred by troubled teens. Did we learn nothing from Columbine? Sandy Hook? Parkland? Apparently so.

Pray for the families who lost loved ones. If you see something, say something.


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