Texas School Massacre is the New “George Floyd.”

Innocent grade school children.

Mr. Blame couldn’t use white supremacy this time so he has come up with a scheme to somehow “blame Republicans” for not passing more gun laws. Somehow our leader has found a way to blame us for a mentally ill, high school dropout, abandoned by his liberal parents, Hispanic teen that shot up a grammar school. Outrageous! Apparently, this is all Biden has left to blame on us. He failed at all the other excuses. He has his drones out in droves in congress and on The View saying similar nonsense. Republicans failed to pass gun reform laws so, therefore, this massacre happened or something along those lines.

Biden is off his rocker. He mentioned George Floyd yesterday as a dog whistle to get his radical base out to the streets again before midterms. Certainly this evil kid had problems at home; but how they come to the conclusion that it is just a “gun purchasing” problem defies logic. Certainly a background check should have turned up something on this kid. The shop owner should have alerted someone. “If you see something, say something” seems to be just a mantra. They should have called the FBI or at least his parents. But he also had a handgun and the media doesn’t mention where he snagged that. Most likely from his liberal, irresponsible parents’.

But, this notwithstanding, the boy could have mowed down a street full of parade goers or set an apartment house afire or attacked children in a playground with a machete. I wonder if he was what Biden once called “The Dreamers?” Doubt if the media will ever tell us that. He was obviously a troubled teen and possibly on drugs. He lived with his grandmother rather than his parents. That alone looks like the core of the problem. Parents need outlets to handle their out-of-control, depressed teenagers especially after a year of school shutdowns in his prime. Family counseling, outreach, drug rehab, worship, therapy, work programs, etc. could have prevented this timebomb from going off–not Republicans passing more gun laws like Whoopie and the Dems seem to think.

But, of course, this is a midterm year, and they will stoop at nothing to blame Republicans rather than look in the mirror. Why is it when clearly liberal families drop the ball, Republicans get blamed? Was he a Trump supporter? I think not. Are we responsible for every liberal family that fails to raise a decent child? I think not. This child should have been in school or holding down a job rather than home brooding and planning to shoot his grandma. “Idol hands are a devil’s workshop” and this kid was evil. I can’t imagine a situation whereby one of my grandsons decides to shoot me someday. Horrible.

Parents should have met with school authorities and had some program for this kid to graduate. The school dropped the ball. The counselors dropped the ball. Police dropped the ball. The gun store dropped the ball. Social media screeners dropped the ball. His friends dropped the ball. Hollywood movie producers dropped the ball. Video game producers dropped the ball. But mostly his liberal parents dropped the ball. But no Republicans dropped the ball. So many red flags went ignored and none of them were Republicans.

The government gave billions to schools during covid to improve their ventilation systems so the children would breathe covid-free air, but they never focus on protecting the children from the evil outside school doors. Schools need to be secured. The days of open campuses are over. The Democrats are against securing schools, funding more police, and security guards. If anything, they are to blame for the school invasion that killed innocent lives. But notice no one in the media blames them. Remember the Parkland shooter? Police hid outside while the shooter went wild inside the school. I thought this would never happen again. But apparently schools have not wised up.

So expect the crazy Democrats and Biden to use this against us in the midterms. Somehow we are to blame for all their evil. I weep for the children who lost their lives and their parents who sent them to school thinking they were safe. Not any longer. No more. No more. Something has to be done in our schools to keep our precious children safe. And it’s not passing more gun laws. Criminals don’t follow laws. Murder is against the law, and they ignore that law. Maybe someone needs to invent lightweight bulletproof vests for our school children. Horrible times we are living in. We can’t send our children to school in bulletproof bubbles, but it seems we will have to if this evil continues.


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