Sussmann Verdict Proves D.C. Democrats are Dishonest People!


Any juror with half a brain knew the evidence presented to them proved Sussmann was working for Hillary Clinton and was involved in spreading outrageous lies about Trump to the FBI. Those jurors should be ashamed of themselves; but, of course, Democrats have no conscience nor did the judge who was appointed by Obama. They are all in cahoots to bring Trump down, even more now as they fear he will return.

I have lost all faith in Democrat leaders. They outright lie. They lie by omission. And they have no guilt. Those jurors who voted not guilty on a piece of paper will have their karma to deal with as we can’t trust the legal system any longer. Nor can we trust the election system. The outlaw Democrats have their hands in everything. They are no better than outlaws from the Old Wild West that robbed banks, stole horses, stuffed ballot boxes, and burned down the Sheriff’s Station. They are no better than the mafia that had corrupt police working for them. They are no better than the leaders of Third World Countries and are turning us into one. No doubt these jurors got paid off by the Clinton Machine as a guilty verdict would lead Durham right to Hillary’s front door.

I’m fed up with our whole system.


4 thoughts on “Sussmann Verdict Proves D.C. Democrats are Dishonest People!

  1. There are still people in jail from Jan.6th demonstrations, and Republicans are totally willing to let them rot so they can be reelected. There is no honor in D.C. only crooks and criminals.


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