Is There Any Good News Lately?

Good ol’ American apple pie.

Lately it seems there is nothing positive to hear in the news. No matter how much we complain about what this administration has done to the country and no matter how many solutions to the problems we offer, they fall on deaf ears and nothing gets done. The problems are just swept under the carpet, dismissed as ephemeral, or blamed on a myriad of excuses.

I heard one pundit say our country is being turned into a communist globalist society. Not sure what this entails but it doesn’t sound good nor was it something we were taught about in school. Communism, yes; but globalist society, no. Once we turn socialist which it seems we have become, a society of loafers sitting home on their computers in the basement, not paying rent, and depending on the government to support them, then the next step is communism.

Joe seems to like the direction the country is going and therein lies the problem. Rumors of him and his son being behind the covid 19 biolab research, condoning the war in Ukraine to coverup biolab evidence, Sussmann jury pool filled with Hillary donors, shortages of baby formula, apathy toward rising gas prices, encouraging folks to buy expensive EV cars, mass shootings by troubled youth, open border invasion of drug and gun smugglers, costs of food rising to unaffordable levels, retirement plans hitting new lows, rumors of election fraud on the horizon, blaming white supremacy for everything, violence in the streets of big cities, increase in racism and reverse racism, biological men dominating in women’s sports, etc., etc., and no one wants to point out the root cause of all of this.

It’s Joe Biden! People will downplay what is going on like it just appeared out of no where. It drives me crazy. I hear, “Things are costing so much these days” or “those guns are becoming so easy to purchase” or “fentanyl is killing our youth” or “oil companies are so greedy” or “supply chains are the worst” or “the stock market is coming back” or “our schools are unsafe” or “people are so angry these days” and lastly, my favorite, “God is giving us high gas prices so we’ll stay home to save the planet”. I guess Joe is God now. But notice no one is addressing the real cause: Joe Biden. None of this happened under Trump except for the BLM and Antifa riots which they all seem to conveniently ignore but were part of the Democrats Resist Movement.

They like to call Joe an empty suit, being controlled by the likes of Obama or Susan Rice. And they are not bothered by this. But whether or not he is controlled by others is not relevant as the results are the same. He’s corrupt and so are they. He likes what they are telling him. He likes what the teleprompter reads. And when he goes off script and says what he really wants, it’s right in line with what they are pushing down our throats: Wars, famine, recession, hate, social justice, climate change initiatives, fear, poverty, socialism, tax the rich, gun confiscation, and LBGTQ rights.

Joe Biden is running a crime syndicate family and has been for years. I’m sick of the news sugarcoating what he has gotten away with. Let’s call a spade a spade. Joe’s a socialist who wants to change our country into a communist globalist society. He wants to abolish the second amendment and confiscate our guns. He wants to eliminate all gasoline cars. He wants blacks, women, transgenders, gays, and pedophiles running the country, preferably a combo of them all. Heterosexual, white men need not apply. He wants sex and racism taught in elementary schools. He wants more abortions to combat overpopulation. He wants interracial marriages but pays couples to stay single. There’s no sugarcoating the fact that Joe was behind the stolen election of 2020 and the riot at the capitol and has his drones out in droves planning another one this midterm and in 2024.

No telling what incredible story they will try to pin on our 2020 candidates. I’m sure they have their drones paying for another fake dossier on Trump and DeSantis right now. It will involve sexual deviance of some sort. They’re casting for the next Stormy Daniels, Dr. Ford, or Switnick.

So while I search for some good coming out of this administration, I find none except that the selective Metoo movement took a big hit yesterday. Therefore, Joe Biden and his ilk need to go. Joe has not taken responsibility for one of his mistakes. He just blames others. They are ruining everything that America stands for, or used to stand for: Freedom, courage, American flag, independence, capitalism, strong military, family values, traditionalism, our constitution, our forefathers and explorers, space exploration, legal immigrants, hardworking families, innovation, religious freedom, The Bible, baseball, and apple pie.


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