Weak Leadership = Weak Economy.

“I said we have the best economy of every country, even China!” Biden brags.
“But sir, we can’t afford gasoline or find baby formula or afford groceries,” One reporter says.
“First I’ve heard of this,” Biden responds perplexingly.

Biden is looking weaker and weaker the more he comes to the mic. Today he could hardly get the words out of his mouth while he was gaslighting all of us about the best economy since sliced bread. He even spins a yarn about the high cost of gasoline when he was a child which was probably 50 cents a gallon. He signed a five billion dollar bail out of student college loans which raises the deficit, but says he is lowering the deficit by companies increasing wages. What? He’s really just buying students’ votes in November.

This guy is so weak that he doesn’t make any sense when he comes to the mic. None of his facts add up. Best employment since l976 or some other nonsense. Trump had all the records beaten during his four years and Biden doesn’t even come close to any of Trump’s records. Trump had gasoline at $1.87 and now it’s five bucks and rising. Biden is closing down all drilling leases and pipelines yet says there’s no magic switch to turn things around. Very similar to when Obama said we’d need a magic wand to get manufacturing companies back. I guess Trump had the magic wand. If not for covid, Trump would still be president. And who brought us covid? Hmmmm.

I heard a rumor that DHS is considering starting reconstruction of the southern border wall. Trump’s wall. Hmmm. I wonder if it took two years of lying to finally admit that their policies aren’t working and that Trump had a secure border? But rebuilding the wall? Amazing. I’d like to see it, or is it just another gaslighting by Biden to win in the midterms. [Promise them anything so we can win this November.]

Kamala is cackling again about putting billions into solar buses. What a kook. Our country can no more afford solar buses as we are spending money like drunken sailors. What’s the point of solar buses if our children are getting shot in school? We throw money at every problem but nothing ever gets fixed. Billions to the schools for covid ventilation yet what they really needed was to harden the security of the schools since Sandy Hook. We spend money, borrow money, and print money. We don’t bring in enough money to cover our debts. Soon Biden will have to pay the piper but we’ll be bankrupt by then. Did someone say we have rainbow colored bullets in the military now? Help!

“This expression “pay the piper” originated around the 1680s. Many sources suggest that it comes from the story¬†The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The story of the pied piper takes place in the 1200s. The town, Hamelin, had a rat infestation. A man in colorful clothes offered to get rid of all the rats, for a fee. The town agreed, and the man played a pipe to get all the rats to leave the town and drown themselves in a nearby river.

When the piper came to collect payment, the townspeople told him that they would not pay. The rats were already gone, so they had no reason to make good on their debt. As revenge, the pied piper played his pipe to get all the children of the town to follow him.

Although the rat portion of this story is fiction, historical records do show that this town lost its children at that time. The exact cause is unknown.” Google. I suspect they had a weak mayor like Biden whose wife drags him around like Weekend at Bernie’s.


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