America’s Melting Pot is Much to Blame for Increased Violence.

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For decades America has opened its arms to welcome foreigners from every country, legally. But under the Biden administration we not only welcome them, we allow them to cross over our borders illegally without punishment. They are breaking the law, and Biden doesn’t care. He actually gives them cell phones, baby formula, food, clothing, then buses them to a town near you. They are entering illegally at a rate of around 200,000 a month now under doofus Biden.

Biden has lots of remedies to prevent school shootings but the one thing he never comments on is stiffer penalties for those that break the law. Give them the death penalty if they kill someone. Emphasize stricter penalties for these shooters rather than blame the gun shops, gun laws, or Republicans. Outlaws don’t follow gun laws.

Biden said we are the only country that has these school shootings. I wonder why? Other than our loosey goosey law enforcement these days, another reason is we allow folks from any country with different religions, cultures, and values that don’t easily assimilate into our culture, laws, and traditions and; as a result, they build up resentment over the years. For instance, we allowed Muslims after 9-11, Japanese after Pearl Harbor, and South Americans after a stolen election because we want to be known as bleeding heart America. But I suspect it has gone too far.

Melting Pot America will be our undoing. Countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, China, Mexico, even Canada, etc. have predominately natural born citizens living there of the same nationality. This makes for a more congenial lifestyle for its citizens rather than having certain groups standing up against their country’s traditions. America, on the other hand, has pockets of foreigners like Muslims, Mexicans, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, and Israelis speaking their language and living their cultures within our country. An enemy within. And under Biden, no telling how many new nationalities have entered our country thinking it will be a utopia or planning the next terror attack. Blending cultures was America’s goal, but they don’t always mix congenially. Europeans mix nicely with us as our forefathers were descendants of Europe, but other countries not so much. They curdle in the pot rather than blend smoothly.

When these foreigners find out they don’t fit in, they grow resentful and angry much like the marathon bombers did. We don’t know for sure what leads up to a mass shooter as the government will not release that information to us. Remember the Las Vegas shooter? Funny how the government buried that story. Must have been a disgruntled Hillary voter or something else nefarious. All they do is label it a hate crime, domestic terror, or a terror attack or their favorite white supremacy. They never get to the root of the reason, especially if the shooter or car mower is black. Because under Biden, black is good, transgender is good; whites are bad, heterosexuals are bad. This is the filth they are teaching our children in school.

Bottom line: Our country is melting into one big pot of boiling dissention, and we can expect just about anything if this leadership continues. Vote these degenerates and reprobates out in November, especially Liz Cheney. Vote Republican, not RINO, all the way down the ticket, or we’ll be doomed forever.


2 thoughts on “America’s Melting Pot is Much to Blame for Increased Violence.

  1. Thank you for saying this. It has been on my mind for weeks but have not written anything. You’re absolutely spot on. People coming here illegally are coming from countries with corrupt governments (much like ours) but more out in the open. These immigrants have seen how American cities have turned a blind eye to crime, so all things considered, it’s a recipe for disaster. Sort of abstract, but I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.


  2. When Biden said, “No other countries have these mass shootings” it got me thinking. Sure because they aren’t a melting pot with mixed cultures trying to assimilate. Glad you agree. Trump was trying to limit these chain migrations from “troubled” countries but the media labeled him racist..


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