The “Great Uniter” Wants to Jail his Opponents.

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Desperate Biden says he wants to jail his political opponents in an attempt to garner laughs on the Kimmel Show. He’s resorted to late night non-comedy for an interview. This way when he screws up an answer, he can say he was just kidding. But reality is, he has been jailing all Trump supporters and cabinet members that he can, starting with rally goers at the Capitol riot that have unconstitutionally been jailed since the rally.

Chuck Schumer incited violence upon Brett Kavanaugh in an outdoor speech which had led to an assassination attempt on Kavanaugh’s life at his place of residence. It’s against the law to protest outside a Supreme Court Justice’s home yet none of the protestors are getting arrested under the Biden Administration. The Biden supporters are desperate and out of control.

All the Democrats are running on is Abortion, Guns, and Insurrection. It’s all they have left. Biden’s policies and spending spree has not succeeded in helping America. But they refuse to let any crisis go to waste, thus the gun reform speech by an actor at the White House. But all three of the crises were a result of Democrat dirty deeds. Some Democrat leaked a decision on abortion prior to the justices’ final ruling. Democrat parents dropped the ball on their mentally ill sons allowing them to purchase rifles used in recent mass shootings. And the Democrats planned and executed the trespassing of the Capitol as Nancy turned down 20,000 National Guard approved by Trump and the security escorted rally goers inside during an important election hearing.

Nothing the Democrats do helps America. Nothing. Biden is still tripping on the stairs to Air Force One, Hunter has still not been indicted yet nor Hillary, their press secretary is still lying, the border is still being overrun by illegals, their drones are still rioting in the streets and in front of political opponents’ homes, violence in cities is still rising, gasoline and food prices are still soaring, homelessness is still increasing, the Supreme Court leaker has still not been identified, the truth of the stolen election has still not been widely accepted, and outlaws are still being released back on the street in Democrat-run cities.

Election reform has still not been universally adapted, “masks or no masks” “boosters or no boosters” covid is still spreading, our government has still not held China responsible for unleashing covid onto the world, Fauci still has a job, Democrats are still allowed to spread hate on social media, baby formula is still hard to find, products are getting smaller but cost the same, The Dollar Tree is no longer a dollar, cancel culture is still alive and entered the professional golf arena, and the deficit is still soaring while our roads and bridges are still collapsing. Other than that, everything is hunky dory.

Welcome to America which is run by the Great Uniter.


Welcome to the Kangaroo Kourt Kommission on the Kapitol Khaos Kabuki Theatre tonight. What a Hollywood production sham of a Democrat-only committee to selectively choose what they deem the public to see so they can put the final nail in Trump’s coffin. Will they report on the rejected 20,000 National guard? Will they even mention Ashlee Babbitt getting shot down in cold blood by a Trump-hating BLM supporter security guard? Will they show footage of the security guards escorting rally goers into the building? Will they show footage of the FBI undercover agents inciting the crowd? “No” to all the aforementioned.


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