J6 Commission is Practicing Communist-Like Tactics.

Members of the J6 “Select” Committee

We are living in an authoritarian, totalitarian, Communist regime that only allows the views of their side; and if you don’t agree, they will punish you. “Totalitarianism is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens. It is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression. It does not permit individual freedom.” Wikipedia

After briefly tuning into the sham kangaroo court yesterday, it was clear from the onset that this committee is not only biased, punitive, vindictive, slanderous, hate filled, unethical, and immoral, but rather pure evil. Here are some of the words they kept repeating in communist fashion: Democracy, Proud Boys, Insurrection, Violence, Incited, Overthrow, and Trump Trump Trump. The only word missing was Russia Russia Russia.

As far as I could see from their footage, there was none on Ashlee Babbitt’s murder, the security guards removing the barriers and happily welcoming visitors into the capitol, the pipe bomber suspect from the day before, busloads of Antifa arriving the night before, people begging the cops to call for more security, security teargassing the crowd to agitate them, FBI agents stirring up the crowd and leaving their posts in front of the capitol, and Nancy gleefully ending the election count (which was going Trump’s way.)

All the footage revealed was a capitol that was unprepared for the size of the unarmed crowd. Pushing, shoving, trampling, and yelling was the extent of the calamity whereby the crybaby security guards gave up and cowered in fear. I guess they never attended one of the 500 BLM riots of 2020 or the attempted breach at the White House. Wonderful job. They should be so proud. Most of the attendees were angered by the stolen election, as they should be; but some went overboard infiltrated by violent Antifa types to make them look bad. This committee is just a last ditch effort to garner votes for the Democrats in November. PERIOD. And to end Trump’s chances in 2024.

We are living in scary times when a Hollywood production crew such as this is airing this hearing during prime time and describing it as protecting our Democracy. The members are all lying, lying by omission, and committing impeachable crimes themselves. We have no separation of power nor rule of law left. When will this nightmare end? I’ve never in my lifetime seen such a two tiered justice system where one side goes scot free and the other gets shammed. It’s disgusting, immoral, and unconscionable; and the Democrats should all be ashamed of themselves.

If just one of the following questions were asked, there’d be an end to this sham committee:

  1. Why did Nancy and mayor of D.C. turn down 20,000 National Guard requested by Trump?
  2. Why would Trump want to end the electoral count when he was clearly getting senators to ask for vote recounts in some states like Arizona?
  3. Why did security guards allow visitors inside the capitol on such an important day?
  4. What was the FBI’s involvement in the riot?
  5. Were there Antifa or BLM members in the crowd?
  6. Why aren’t Republicans allowed on this committee?
  7. Why were some of the capitol security staff sent home that day?
  8. Why hasn’t the name of the pipe bomber caught on tape been released?
  9. If this riot was planned days or weeks ahead, how did Trump incite the crowd at his rally?
  10. What did Pence know of the ensuing riot and when did he know it?

If just one of these questions were asked of this “select” committee, the whole charade would immediately come to an end. This charade is nothing more than a charade and no one should tune in.

2 thoughts on “J6 Commission is Practicing Communist-Like Tactics.

  1. I refused to watch it. I just didn’t have the stomach for it. If major changes aren’t made in the Justice Dept. and the FBI, we are going to lose this country. It may already be lost. The Democrats are in charge of all of the major power levers and they seem to hell bent on total destruction. I guess we just have to keep making our voices heard as much as possible. I follow a Canadian blogger named Love Infusion, and Canada has done everything it can to silence those folks. She published a blog last week, first one in almost a year. She is not happy. It all sucks.


  2. Trust me I couldn’t watch it either so saw the opening with Liz Traitor then only snippets on either FOX or Newsmax. It is sickening the lies they tell. Biden is in L.A. schmoozing it up, and I can’t even stand to hear his name now. Can’t wait for midterms. Hope election isn’t stolen again.


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