A List of Biden’s Self-inflicted Wounds.

Bewildered Biden wonders why his approval rating is so low. He forced the Green New Deal down our throats from day one in office thinking the liberals would reward him with their approval. But what he forgot was that conservatives outnumber liberals in America. Build Back Better is now nothing more than a joke slogan as nothing has gotten built and nothing has gotten better under Biden. Young folks don’t want to work. Look at Buttigeig.

Here’s a list of just some of his self-inflicted wounds in no particular order:

  1. Cancelling the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.
  2. Ending fossil fuel exploration: drilling for oil, fracking, and coal mining.
  3. Ending the construction of The Wall on our southern border.
  4. Cancelling the Stay in Mexico program.
  5. Incentivizing invaders with freebies like cell phones, clothing, food, and shelter.
  6. Showing apathy toward Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.
  7. Putting transgender social justice at the top of his list of priorities.
  8. Encouraging the waste-of-time January 6th Unselect Committee.
  9. Pulling troops out of Afghanistan before our allies and Americans.
  10. Leaving behind billions in our weaponry and vehicles in Afghanistan.
  11. Trying to have an exit date that was timed with the anniversary of 9-11.
  12. Pushing critical race theory in our schools.
  13. Weaponizing the DOJ against parents.
  14. Sending out virtual signaling and mixed messages on masks and vaccinations.
  15. Making vaccinations mandatory for certain groups.
  16. Choosing a soft on crime SCOTUS justice by her color and gender.
  17. Running up the deficit by paying people to sit home on their asses.
  18. Allowing George Soros to sponsor soft on crime District Attorneys in big cities.
  19. Imprisoning rally goers indefinitely from January 6th without due process.
  20. Dividing America down racial and political lines.
  21. Weaponizing the DOJ to target anyone that believes the election was stolen.
  22. Encouraging unlawful protests of conservative SCOTUS justices at their homes.
  23. Ignoring initial reports of baby formula shortages.
  24. Promising us that inflation was just transitory.

There are many more but too numerous to remember them all. But his biggest mistake is never taking responsibility for his part in all the above. He’d rather blame Trump, Putin, the media, meat companies, supply chains, oil companies, climate chain, or covid rather than himself. The buck doesn’t stop on Biden’s desk.

All of the aforementioned are choices Biden made and why his polls are plummeting. Some are reversible which would bring down gas prices immediately. Some, I’m afraid, will take years to reverse as the damage has already been done to impressionable young minds of school children. No telling how many little boys are thinking of changing their gender because of Biden’s flippancy. And how many illegals have we allowed into our country that we will be paying the price for years? And how do we reverse the war in Ukraine that he turned a blind eye to? By Superman flying backwards or inventing a Time Machine? I bet lots of people are wishing they had a Time Machine right now.

How do we pay down the deficit under a Green New Deal administration? We don’t. More and more young people are dropping out of the workforce. They’d rather stay home and post TikTok or You Tube videos. They aren’t paying taxes. Their parents are enabling them.

Decriminalization of marijuana was one of the mistakes from previous years and the repercussions from that one item can never be reversed. It has made a generation of lazy millennials and for some a gateway to other drugs.

“In 2001, Nevada became the first state in over two decades to decriminalize cannabis. In the following years, major cities across the U.S. began to either decriminalize cannabis or make enforcement of cannabis laws the lowest priority. Among the first cities to do so were Seattle (2003), Oakland (2004), Denver (2005), and San Francisco (2006). The trend continued with Massachusetts decriminalizing in 2008, followed by Connecticut (2011), Rhode Island (2012), Vermont (2013), and the District of Columbia (2014).” Wikipedia.

So you see, one capricious law can ruin America for generations. Look at Seattle or Portland or SF. They used to be quiet, beautiful, decent towns. Now, not so much.

Also there’s nothing worse than a stupid man in power. The left seems to use Biden’s age as an excuse for his brain freezes and other gaffes. It’s not his age. It’s his medical condition combined with his ideology. Biden has always claimed the mantel of “lunchbox Joe from Scranton.” But reality is, he was the entitled child of a Chevy dealership owner that got a new car every year of high school, partied in college like a rich frat boy, and cruised chicks. His family wasn’t sitting around the kitchen table worried about gas prices. Please. All lies.

He plagiarized his way through college and eventually made it through law school. “How many times did he take the Bar Exam before passing?” would be a good question to ask. Or did he pay someone to illegally take it for him? Wouldn’t put it past him. Then he scooted into a senator’s position with the help of his rich family. Then he had an affair with a married woman, Jill, and stole her from her husband. He has been in politics ever since, never creating one job, never running one company, never driving a big rig, never being a civil rights activist, just selling his position to other countries with the help of his son and brother. The Biden Crime Syndicate Family.

So you see, Joe takes what he wants, when he wants it, and does not care about the wake of destruction he leaves behind. He’s on a scorched earth mission. This is who is running our country now. He’s not “ol’ lunchbox-Joe.” He’s “out-to-lunch Joe.” He’s always been out to lunch.

Just recall his self-inflicted wounds whenever someone tries to defend him for what our country is going through right now.


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