Interview with a Democrat. Part II.

Around two years ago I interviewed one of my close Democrat friends about how she felt about Trump. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. I was flabbergasted by her sudden change of demeanor and have treaded lightly with her ever since. She is what I consider “a Lost Cause,” brainwashed from years of reading the lying New York Times and L.A. Times. No hope for her.

She said horrible things about Trump and his children that had no basis in facts. But she got the fake news from her newspapers. I still, to this day, tease her about The New York Times. Every time she says I never heard that story, I reply, “Of course, not. It’s not in the New York Times.” She giggles. I’m quite sure she has no idea Kavanaugh had an attempt at his life. And she’s never heard of Neil Cavuto (who’s a Democrat) as FOX News is evil.

So yesterday I had a similar interview with a long-time, bleeding-heart, liberal, progressive, feminist Democrat when we went to lunch. I also treaded lightly but was curious as to how she feels about Biden and what he has done to the country. The restaurant we went to was conspicuously hurting for business and had a limited staff working there. The restaurant was empty for the first half hour and I asked, “Doesn’t anyone eat in this town?”

“They are probably home watching the hearing” (referring to the J6 Commission.) I couldn’t believe my ears that she would say that to me. Here we go I thought. But maybe she was right.

“You mean the sham hearing?”

No response. We began to read the menu. Not long into our meal I had to ask, “How do you and your husband get along when you are both politically polarized?”

“Well, recently we agreed on one thing. We want stricter gun laws.”

“Well, no gun law will change the mind of a mentally ill person whose parents dropped the ball on him.” I went on to say guns don’t kill people, mentally ill

“Don’t even go there!” she snapped in midsentence.

Whoa, I thought. She is touchy. “So guns aside, that’s all you can agree on with your husband?”


“So you think Biden is doing a good job?”

“No, I’m not for Biden or Kamala. We’re going to find someone to replace them soon. I was never for Biden. No one likes Biden. None of my Democrat friends do,” she rambled on.

At first I was taken aback. What’s this I’m hearing? No way, I thought. But then I realized I was smelling a rat running from a sinking ship so I had to ask, “So you didn’t vote for Biden?”

“No,” she lied as I remember she told me she did. She also lied about never voting for Hillary or Bill Clinton. Lies, lies, lies. She said her favorite president was Jimmy Carter and that she doesn’t vote down party lines. She also said she liked John Kasich, to which I responded that he was a traitor to the party. To her rolling her eyes. So I deduced her reason for lying was that she will never admit to being on the wrong side of history. She still brags about voting for Obama.

“So who do you have in mind to replace Biden?” She mentioned that she does a lot of research and that there’s a Republican governor that she likes. Research to a Democrat is listening to NPR or late night comedy. So I kiddingly asked, “Is it DeSantis?”

God no! I hate him! He’s ruined Florida, and I know Florida,” she answered arrogantly. She’s been on vacation there.

“Well, if he’s ruined Florida, why are all Californians and New Yorkers flocking to Florida?”

Rolled eyes again.

“Well, you better get used to him because he’s right up there with Trump in popularity and capability to run the country.” I then asked sort of jokingly, “Do you want to know my favorite presidents?”

“Okay,” she responded disinterestedly.

“Reagan and Trump were the two best presidents in modern history for peace and prosperity.”

I think she threw up in her mouth then responded, “Uh huh” then rolled her eyes again. “Let’s not talk politics.” Silence was all pervading until the check came.

It will be a while before we go to lunch again. Again I end this interview thinking to myself, “I have to find new friends!” :>/


6 thoughts on “Interview with a Democrat. Part II.

    1. I still haven’t contacted this friend since that luncheon. She emailed me and asked to get together again. and I responded how busy I was and that we will sometime soon. I heard crickets back from her, which is fine. You were right, we don’t really need them. I don’t think I can listen to her lies any longer.

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  1. I was highly amused reading this. I recently ran into an old friend who is a dyed in the wool Jewish Democrat. Our conversation started out with small talk, then he started complaining about high gas prices. I responded by saying, “hey, your guy did it”, his response was totally predictable. He said ” I know, he’s a dope……….but he’s better than Trump”. You can’t change stupid.

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    1. “You can’t change stupid.” Very true. I call it a severe case of Stupid 20. We are now on the moronic variant. My forecast for 2023 is the Pi variant as in Compleat Pi-llocks Stupid 20.

      I am not sure if Stupid 20 has a genetic cause, but there certainly is a pandemic of it. It is almost certainly fatal in many cases.

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  2. Better than Trump? Apparently the only thing Trump did wrong was be a big meanie when crossed by someone. I’d rather have meanie than dopey. Another California Jewish Dem relative said he’s wants to switch out Biden with Newsom. Help! Another Lost Cause.

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