Those That Can’t Do, Get Hired by Biden.

One of Biden’s cabinet members.

This is why nothing gets done! Not because they are lazy, but because they don’t know how to do anything. They’ve usually come from academia where they lecture, hand out assignments, and give out grades. No one has ever asked them to solve a real problem. Look at what happened when Biden asked Kamala to solve the border problem. She was a cackling deer in the headlights. It’s still there but worse now.

Look what happened when Biden asked Buttigeig to solve the supply chain problem. He stayed home chestfeeding twins. We still have it, but it’s worse now. Look what happened when he asked the energy secretary to investigate why gas prices are rising. She laughed, said the Keystone pipeline wasn’t finished, then blamed Putin. They’re still rising! Look what happened when he asked AG Garland to investigate school shootings. They’ve gotten more frequent, but he only goes after the gun stores, gun laws, and GOP. Never after the root cause which is mental health together with open campuses.

Biden surrounds himself with incompetents just like Obama did. It’s their M.O. If something goes awry (which is everything these days), he blames one of them as long as Putin or Trump can’t be blamed. Get where I’m going?

He couldn’t have gotten a more incompetent Press Secretary, Secretary of State, SCOTUS pick, Attorney General, Secretary of Defense, and some transgender Health Secretary. He’s all about diversity rather than competency. They either read their answers or tap dance around the question. And he keeps Fauci around as he’s really easy to blame. Trump will fire him on day one in office once he’s back.

I rarely watch the news any longer as what I am seeing gets stupider and stupider and the anchors actually have the audacity to report it without a warning label: “This news may be hazardous to your brain cells.” But this is Biden’s World. His followers may think he’s just a dope, but his dopiness is contagious. We can’t live under his regime much longer as everyone’s IQ is going down. In fact, it’s the only thing under Biden going down aside from his bike. Something has to give.


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