The Democrats Turn a Blind Eye to Violence at SCOTUS but…

Potential Democrat Candidate

are horrified by a crowded Trump rally gone awry. Why is that? Because protests against abolishing Roe are good; protests against the stolen election are bad. It’s “the means justifying the end game” again. And their end game is not to lose power. The left has to be in power no matter who’s in charge. The Marshmallow Man could be president as long as he is a Democrat. I deduced that after my Interview with a Democrat. Part II.

They don’t care about the direction the country is going. They don’t care about good policies that make our country safe and prosperous for all. All they care about are programs that line their pockets and the pockets of their followers with money, thus the war in Ukraine. Dems make money when there is a war. If they stay in power, they also commit insider trading on policies they plan to approve. They also are involved in influence selling with other countries. It’s a no brainer for them as they never get prosecuted.

But I feel their karma is finally coming back to bite them in the a$$. Pelosi’s husband gets arrested, Colbert’s staff gets arrested, and Biden falls off his bike. They are beginning to get a taste of what bad karma is. Their chickens are coming home to roost.

Don’t be surprised if Roe gets abolished, they go crazy in the streets destroying property and the Democrats remain silent. Over 500 riots occurred in 2020 prior to the election and none of the rioters were arrested. So many police were killed as well as property owners, but we heard crickets from the Democrats. BUT they come out armed for bear when Trump’s rally goes to the capitol. Heaven forbid, Trump supporters protest something. This can’t be done after the Dems regain power!

Roe isn’t about Women’s Rights either. They don’t care about Women’s Rights. If they did, they would have protested transgenders competing in women’s sports. They didn’t. They would have believed the women who claimed Biden and Bill Clinton sexually harassed them while they worked under them. They didn’t. They wouldn’t be protesting outside a female SCOTUS justice’s home. But they are. So you see, Democrats are nothing more than hypocrites or Hypocrats.


One thought on “The Democrats Turn a Blind Eye to Violence at SCOTUS but…

  1. Democrats use street thugs to intimidate and discourage the right. What people don’t realize, and never consider, is if the Democrats ever gained total and complete power, they would immediately create goon squads like the Chinese Communists to keep everyone in line. There would be no more protests, no more riots, the laws would be enforced with total brutality. I find it fascinating that people ignore history, and what is happening before their eyes. Herd stupidity (group think) is why cattle are easily led to slaughter.

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