With Roe Overturned and 2nd Amendment Upheld, SCOTUS Goes Against Biden.

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Even John Roberts, who is more about what parties he’ll be invited to, sided with conservative justices. Well.. parties aside, he used his noggin rather than his social calendar this time. Next, we’ll be hearing that the J6 Show Trial is unconstitutional, which it is. Someone needs to sue the pants off the J6 Committee so it ends up at the Supreme Court. Egg on faces much Democrats?

Losing is becoming second nature to the left now that the Supreme Court is against them and may be a sign of things to come this November. Everyone is displeased with the Biden Administration including SCOTUS as Biden’s AG Garland wouldn’t arrest the unlawful protestors outside the justices’ homes nor those that committed vandalism at Pro-life Pregnancy Centers across the nation. Failure to enforce the law! All their threats to the justices and pregnancy centers just backfired in their faces. Payback is a b****h.

Biden overplayed his hand. Somehow he thought he had control over the Supreme Court by intimidating them, but he was wrong. We suspected Obama had something on Roberts as he ruled in favor of Obamacare. Conservatives across the land are rejoicing today over this ruling. Radicals like Jane’s Revenge are conspiring a night of terror. Let’s see if the FBI even cares; as if it’s not White Supremacists, they turn a blind eye. They intercepted and arrested a group of so-called WS riding in a van for thinking about attending a protest. I thought protesting was protected under freedom of speech. Amazing that you can get arrested for thought. The Thought Police. Guess they never watched one episode of Law & Order.

Kamala’s missed shots at the basketball hoop was a premonition of their missed chances to prevail in upcoming monumental SCOTUS decisions. Thanks goes to Trump for selecting Kavanaugh (despite the onslaught of attacks made on him), Barrett, and Gorsuch. Three constitutional justices that decide according to the adopted U.S. Constitution rather than legislate from the bench.

Nancy literally falls apart during her reaction to the Roe decision. Her earring fell off onto the podium making a loud noise. I half expected her face to fall off with it. She was fit to be tied. Cue the radicals to come out after dark once their Ritalin and lattes kick in. Wait for the destruction that they promised if the spoiled brats didn’t get their way. Discipline starts in the home, and these lowlifes never had any. In Nancy’s speech, she said the law has turned back to the mothers of the girls today. But totally missed by Nancy is the fact that the girls of today wouldn’t be alive if they were impulsively aborted by their mothers.

Biden says, “Roe is on the ballot this November, and that we will fight this ruling.” Notice he said “fight” and Trump got reamed for using that work before the rally at the Capitol. So the word “fight” is okay when Biden says it. Got it. !

You’re wrong Mr. Cheat Card, YOU are on the ballot this November!


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