Voice of Reason from the Midnight Cowboy.

“Biden has taken down our morals.”

Why is it that we haven’t heard from one of our esteemed, renowned, former elected leaders regarding impeaching Biden yet? Where’s cowardly George W. Bush? Notice how he’s been suspiciously quiet during the last two years yet spoke out against Trump? Shame on him. Where’s the voice of reason from Colin Powell when we need it? Crickets. Why is it that we have to hear from a beloved actor to make sense of what is going on? Actors shouldn’t have to do the job of our former leaders.

Although I love Jon Voight especially in Coming Home, it’s not his job to speak to the public about where our country is headed. It’s the job of our elected leaders past and present. Except for Trump, we hear nothing from former leaders. And we can’t believe a word Pence says any longer as he just goes with the direction of the wind. They should all be in agreement that Biden needs to be impeached ASAP.

Ironically Dick Cheney’s daughter is one of the culprits trying to bring down Trump after the election was stolen. Where’s Dick in all of this? He used to be a fan of Trump much to the chagrin of George Bush. Maybe he hates what is daughter is doing. If so, come out and tell us what you think. Don’t be a vindictive coward like George W. Bush. I wish Ronald Reagan were alive to speak on our behave.

Where’s Condoleezza Rice in all of this? She’s usually a respected woman of color, yet I hear nothing from her. We need a savior right now aside from Jon Voight or liberal Bill Maher. I’ll even listen to Laura Bush if she was allowed to speak her mind on the state of our union. But I’m sure they have silenced her already. Instead we have to hear fat-face Hillary bloviating how angry Justice Thomas was in college or “First time in my life” Michelle.

Except for a few senators and congressmen who speak out via conservative news networks, we have no voice of reason. No way to voice our anger in what Biden is doing to our country other than voting that we now know gets tampered with. Biden turns his back on questions regarding 50 migrants cooked in a semi; but if that had been Trump, the media would be screaming from the rooftops for impeachment. Biden gets away with everything with the coverup from the media.

It’s sick and needs to stop. More voices of past leaders need to come out and demand triple impeachment proceedings at once. Throw in Kamala and Nancy with Biden. All corrupt incompetents.


2 thoughts on “Voice of Reason from the Midnight Cowboy.

  1. Or fearful of being condemned by the Left. Bush wants to be loved like John Roberts does. At least the Supreme Court is sending a message that they don’t like what is going on except for the Stay in Mexico ruling. I think they just wanted to send the left a small bone to shut them up.


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