Evolution of the Women’s Movement Explained.

Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

I’m a little baffled when it comes to Women’s Rights these days. Back in the 50s and 60s, girls were required to wear dresses to school. It made it hard to do cartwheels on the playground during recess. In high school, we were lucky to be allowed to wear shorts one day out of the whole year. They called it “Shorts Day.” We were ecstatic on that day. But we never complained.

Since the 70s, all we wanted was to be treated equally in the workplace and compete in sports professionally like men did. We definitely benefitted from Affirmative Action bills which required companies to hire a percentage of women in male positions [and from Title IX.

Title IX, the landmark gender equity law passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972, banned sex discrimination in federally funded education programs. Its protections would open doors for girls and women in admission, academic majors, teaching positions, vocational programs and individual classes, and help ensure equal access and treatment once they got in.

“This was during a time where there were a lot of barriers for women to progress or succeed in society,” says Karen Hartman, an associate professor at Idaho State University who has studied Title IX extensively. “The Educational Amendments Act, and specifically Title IX, was attempting to address some of those wrongs and provide more opportunities.”

Yet despite its broad aims and applications, Title IX is most famous for its impact on expanding opportunities for women and girls in sports. In 1972, there were just over 300,000 women and girls playing college and high school sports in the United States. Female athletes received 2 percent of college athletic budgets, while athletic scholarships for women were virtually nonexistent.

By 2012, the 40th anniversary of Title IX’s passage, the number of girls participating in high school sports nationwide had risen tenfold, to more than 3 million. More than 190,000 women were competing in intercollegiate sports—six times as many as in 1972. By 2016, one in every five girls in the United States played sports, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation. Before passage of Title IX, that number had been one in 27.”] HISTORY

But after we got that, some still weren’t happy. Then they wanted to have children and still be able to go to work which involved all kinds of childcare perks from companies even providing onsite childcare which allowed women to continue working after childbirth. (After my time.)

Soon after that we benefitted from Sexual Harassment Claims in the workplace, whereby we could sue our boss for hitting on us. What a concept! Boy, we have come a long way! But some women chose to stay in a hostile work environment as long as they kept getting promoted which gave birth to the #Metoo Movement which ruined men’s careers many years later. But these same women became suspiciously silent when transgenders started competing in the same sports as they did and winning. Not a word came from the Women’s Movement. They were okay with it.

We’ve had Planned Parenthood since the 70s and no one is worried that it will go away except when conservatives outnumber liberals on the Supreme Court. Why is that? Why is a conservative majority so threatening to the Women’s Movement? It’s not. These men in the highest court have wives and daughters. They aren’t going to rule on anything that hurts women. So what’s got the libs so riled up all of a sudden?

I believe it has nothing to do with Women’s Rights or Health like the protestors are ballyhooing about, but more to do with liberals, progressives, feminists, and wokesters changing the world as we know it. Climate change is a religion to them taught in college (thanks to Al Gore) and they know conservatives do not think the same way. One reason is, because the U.S. can’t do enough to effect the Globe as far as reducing fossil fuel emissions and keeping water and air clean. It’s basic science. We are just a drop in the bucket.

So although the left likes to feel good as they drive their EVs, install solar panels, compost their waste, and use their bathwater to irrigate their plants, it will never be enough. Conservatives actually believe the planet together with God has its own restorative methods. Heaven forbid the Environmentalists believe in that. They also don’t believe in constructing more dams and nuclear power plants or forest thinning which would reduce wildfires.

So they think if they hang their hat on the ol’ “Women’s Right to Choose” issue, they can keep control of the Congress, the Presidency, and eventually the Supreme Court this November. But they are holding on to this issue under false pretenses, as they didn’t give a whip about transgenders taking over women’s sports. Why? Because it was condoned by the leftists and Biden. Anything approved by the left is okay in their eyes like mask and vaccination mandates. Women are becoming just pawns in the game for Climate Change Activists. Way to be used, ladies.

Can you imagine a woman wearing a pink knit cap and a mask too? Lovely. This is where we are headed. Boy, oh boy, have we come a long way, baby. We’re still talking about Women’s Right to Choose even though we have a multitude of birth control options since the 70s [including a “morning after pill” if one gets raped or incest or just had a one night stand like Chelsea Handler. Aren’t we smart enough to protect our bodies before we get pregnant?] It seems like we’re going backwards, not forward. We’re regressive, not progressive. [We’re getting stupider not smarter.] Women were happier in the 70s and had better manners, social etiquette, [and morals] than they do now. I would hate to be a woman in her twenties these days.

I don’t think we’ve come a long way any longer. We haven’t broken any glass ceilings recently without cheating to get there. And then once there, our accomplishments haven’t looked so impressive at all, (cough) Kamala. Maybe women are trying too hard to have it all. Guess what? If you’re feeling guilty trying to have it all, it ain’t worth it. Take one thing and be your best at it.

That is the Evolution of the Women’s Movement. We burned our bras, sued our bosses, let transgenders into our sports, and got used by the Climate Change Activists. Way to go, ladies. We were advancing and advancing and then have been spinning our wheels for the last ten or so years. I suspect next, boys will be required to wear dresses in school in the future like in the movie Time Machine. After all, they want to be gender neutral as far as this administration believes.

Time for a wake up call, women. Start behaving like ladies again. Get out of the streets with your stupid [Pro Choice] banners and masks and do something that really helps others. [Stop watching The View that has brainless twits on it. ] Stop complaining, start achieving. And stop being a pawn for the Climate Change Activists or being [taken in] by the BLM [Movement. We are better than this.]

UPDATED: July2, 2022. Items between brackets [ ] have been added since original post.


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