Dumb and Dumber Are Running our Country.

Kamala and Joe.

If feel like the last two years has just been part of a comedy movie where we see some of the silliest decisions and statements made by our leaders expecting to get a laugh. But it’s not funny and not a movie. It’s our life! It has an effect on our whole country, our future, and beyond. It’s downright embarrassing on the world stage.

Since they took office, we have wars in other countries that we are funding. We have leaders of other countries quitting. We have oil reserves intended for our country being diverted to China. We have leaders suggesting lifting the Trump Tariffs on China to help with OUR inflation. We have shutdown all our fossil fuel exploration in this country making us energy dependent on our enemies which is not a good position to be in. And all our dumb leaders can say is, “Putin caused it.”

Has Putin caused an increase in our mentally ill youth committing mass shootings? Seventy victims were shot in Chicago on 4th of July. Dozens were shot in Highland Park twenty miles away by a deranged “wannabe trans” sniper. Something is wrong with our country as they are producing a generation of unhappy children with the help of Dumb and Dumber encouraging transgender rights and white guilt. “Pursuit of Happiness” has become a thing of the past. No one is pursuing happiness any longer, instead some are pursuing mayhem and the FBI seems oblivious as Dumb and Dumber on how to prevent these attacks.

The only solutions Dumb and Dumber have for our country is prosecuting Trump for a fake J6 insurrection that was planned and executed by Nancy and her Dumb and Dumber ilk. How many more days to have to see gullible FOX News broadcast this insidious show trial? The witnesses for the prosecution (even though it’s not a real trial) are now coming out of the woodwork just as Dr. Christine Balsey Ford did. It’s amazing what money can buy. Absolutely amazing. Integrity is For Sale. No mention of Ashlee Babbitt once in the show trial, that I know of.

With all our leaders’ woke policies being instilled since Dumb and Dumber came into office, everything has changed and not in a good way. I’m getting tired of pointing out the problems this administration HAS CAUSED. It is getting monotonous to write about. It is also getting monotonous to hear the news anchors suggest solutions to some of our problems that fall on deaf and dumb ears in the White House. Maybe they should change the name to White Jackets House as this is where they should be living–in a mental institution.


4 thoughts on “Dumb and Dumber Are Running our Country.

  1. By the way, you will never hear a Democrat discuss how to solve the societal problems causing mass shootings, they have no interest in fixing that problem. They are happy to see the mass shootings continue, hoping to gain public support of gun confiscation. That is the true goal. The population is walking around with their eyes closed.

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