Biggest Threat to America is Woke Supremacy…

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Not White Supremacy! I sort of made up this term but couldn’t think of another name for it other than Woke Supremacy. The Woke Leftists are threatening and influencing Americans across the nation to think like them. They think they know better than the rest of us when it comes to Supreme Court decisions, police procedures, school policies, health decisions, child rearing, sports decisions, and what our U.S. Constitution says. So if they don’t agree with any person, judge, school, sporting event, politician, celebrity, or institution that thinks differently, they come for you.

They have been threatening Supreme Court Justices’ homes and following them around since the Roe v Wade decision. They have also been randomly attacking police even using toddlers to kick and hit police officers. They have leftist woke professors sending out maps to Pro Life clinics and addresses of Supreme Court Justices. If they don’t get their way, they will use intimidation tactics in order to make their opponents fold. This also influences voters to come out to vote against conservative candidates running for office. They have nothing else to run on in November so they are hanging their hats on Abortion, gun laws, and J6. Nothing else, as everything is rotten under the Biden Administration. Trump said at his recent rally that he is “for guns, God, and Oil.” He supports the right to bear arms, drill for oil, and worship God.

If a store owner defends himself against bullying robbers, he gets arrested instead of the culprits. Everything is upside down in the woke world of AOC, Biden, and Kamala. The media is in the tank for the Democrat Party and won’t even report the truth behind what is going on. If a celebrity speaks honestly about what a woman is, they will be cancelled the next day by the Woke Supremacy the likes of Twitter, Facebook, The View, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. Conversely, news of Hunter’s drug addiction activities, influence selling, money laundering, tax evasion, and “The Big Guy’s” involvement gets buried by the aforementioned outfits.

We were assaulted all through 2019 and 2020 by the Woke Supremacists known as BLM and Antifa who were setting fires to police stations, businesses, and cars in liberal-run cities resulting in billions in damage and loss of lives. This was never a concern for the left or the media as they called it “peaceful demonstrations.” But when a less violent incident occurred on J6 by demonstrators from both sides, they come out in arms calling it an insurrection and placing all the blame on Trump. It’s all convoluted nonsense put out by the Woke Supremacists and now being adjudicated by the never-ending J6 unselect commission Show Trial.

So, from now until election day, we can expect more and more of this Woke Supremacy led by Biden and his ilk. It is our biggest threat to the nation as it is condoned by Biden and his ilk, much more than ISIS, China, Russia, Iran, and, of course, the illusive white supremacy that Chris Wray and worthless Garland are always ballyhooing about.

Expect Smollett-like stories to miraculously emerge before the election to support abortion and more gun laws such as the ten-year-old who supposedly got raped and had to go to another state to get an abortion. Please…first of all, that story reeks to high hell, as ten year olds typically aren’t even at child bearing age, shouldn’t be out alone, and doctors or hospitals have access to the morning-after pill. I think the Woke Supremacists overshot that convoluted story, big time. Notice how they won’t give the details, much like Smollett.


3 thoughts on “Biggest Threat to America is Woke Supremacy…

  1. Do you remember about 30 years ago when schools said we don’t need tests anymore, it doesn’t matter if the kid gets a passing grade, move them on to the next level. No winner trophies anymore, everyone gets a participation trophy. No expulsion for bad behavior, just a little discussion and forget it? It doesn’t matter what type of clothing you wear to school, dress like a bum or hooker, it’s OK. Yep, we are now dealing with the fallout from those decisions. No discipline as children = badly behaved adults. It ain’t rocket science.

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    1. Luckily my kids missed all that. They had to earn their grades and trophies the hard way. Then out of the blue the kids behind them got a pass. It was after 9-11 we went soft in schools for some reason. I guess the kids were too traumatized to compete in sports or take tests. Who knows?

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