Doggone Masks Are Back!

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on

Or should I say virtue signaling is alive and well in liberal towns. Now when I go into the grocery store sixty percent of the shoppers are walking around masked up like we are in a scene from the movie Outbreak. I’m half expecting Dustin Hoffman in a hazmat suit to appear down one of the aisles. I guarantee you if asked, they are 90% Democrats trying to effect the next election by requiring mail in (harvesting) ballots once again before the midterms. Little drones out working for their hero covid/cancer-ridden Biden. The rest of them are just followers.

Some think Biden’s covid positive is just a ploy to take the news off of the worst inflation in forty years. What are his symptoms really? The sniffles, tired, phlegmy cough, and unable to blink? And if he is so boosted, it should be over by now. It lasts three days with no boosters. Is he dragging it out for sympathy or what? Gutfeld is on the same page as I am. The Democrats will pull anything out of the hat to change the subject off his poor performance.

Biden typically has a phlegmy cough whenever he comes to the mic. What’s new? I don’t see any difference between now with covid and before without. He’s still pale, thin, weak, disorientated, slurring his speech, and on heavy meds. But the difference is the media can blame it on covid now. And they have been. Covid was a Godsend to Biden, if he really has it. I doubt anything that comes out of this White (Lies) House is true. But what’s with the eyes wide open? Did they give him a brain transplant and has a computer brain now?

Message to masks fools: If you are so worried about catching covid, why not order your food online and pick it up in the parking lot so the rest of us don’t have to be annoyed by your irrational behavior? It’s getting old already. Haven’t you heard, there is no science behind mask wearing to protect you from this virus. I prefer you stay home, lock your doors, and don’t show your doggone masked face in public ever again. You are hurting the children of America by instilling fear in them. Or just move to China where it is normal behavior.


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