Democrats: The Human Dictionaries.

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Have you noticed lately that whenever the Democrats are backed into a corner, instead of crying “uncle” and admitting they’re wrong, they change the definition of what went wrong. Or whenever they are trying to attract a new block of voters, they change the definition of terms to fit their narrative. For instance, they want the “homeless” to vote for them, so they changed their name to “temporarily displaced individuals” or some other nonsense.

Yesterday they changed the definition of the term “Recession” so Biden wouldn’t be embarrassed that we are heading into one. Convenient, right? They definitely changed the meaning of the word “Insurrection” so it would fit their narrative of Trump Supporters demonstrating at the capitol so they could hold a January 6th Unselect Show Trial. When gas prices rose 3 to 4 dollars/gal, they called it “Putin’s gas hikes;” when they went down 50 cents, it was “Biden’s Ingenuous releasing of oil reserves.” I call it “sugarcoating horse manure.”

Get where I’m going? They’ve changed the definition of the gender “Woman” to “Chest Feeding Persons” to please their woke gender-neutral voters and transgenders. Not sure why their base of men would rather be women other than to exceed in professional women sports or vice versa. Apparently men now can get pregnant just to give the transgenders hope and Buttigeig too. But they can’t breastfeed until science catches up with them.

This is also “Political Correctness Gone Wild.” “Illegal immigrants” are just that. Illegal! We don’t need to change their term to fit the Democrats’ bleeding heart narrative like “Temporary visitors seeking asylum.” They crossed illegally! They need to be sent back! But wait! (These are potential Democrat voters as long as we give them benefits that our U.S. Citizens receive.) And do they ever: Cell phones, plane tickets, cash, shelter, food, healthcare, baby formula, and schooling. Who wouldn’t want to come to our country if they could live for FREE while the rest of us pay for them?

A “tax increase” is now known as an “inflation reducing bill.” Really? Do people really believe that shit? They think if they put lipstick on the pig, people will think it’s a cute bunny. We are getting played, folks. And they are masters at pulling the wool over our heads to fit their green agenda. This will kill tens of thousands of jobs, cause foreclosures, and a real estate bust. How much did Schumer and Nancy pay Machin to change his mind on the Build Back Worse bill? Bribery and blackmail is alive and well in the Democrat party as well as changing definitions of everything they try to force down our throats. They treat us like children that won’t eat their vegetables. “Going to the hanger, going to the hanger”… down the throat.

Law and Order has really been changed to meet the Democrats catch and release system of law enforcement. If a shoplifter beats up a store owner, he is a “hungry person in need” not a criminal. However, if the shop owner defends his store, he is a violent vigilante. Bank robbers are probably just “masked covid-fearing individuals in need of urgent money.” And the “getaway driver” is an “UBER driver trainee.” They change the meaning of crimes to protect their base when they get caught. Remember, the destructive BLM rioters of 2019/20 were “mostly peaceful demonstrators” that were armed and dangerous inflicting terror and destruction of one billion in property damage. But the peaceful demonstrators at the capitol were rounded up and labeled “armed white supremacist insurrectionists” which is a total lie.

Let’s face it. Democrats break the law then dismiss the law to “get off.” And they don’t even try to hide it any longer. They do it in plain sight. For instance, Hunter Biden has broken so many laws and morals including tax evasion, money laundering, lying on a gun application, illegally disposing of a gun, buying illegal substances, prostitution, and selling influence to the VP but he will probably be labeled a “victim of privileged-family-syndrome” and get community service. But Bannon was found guilty of “contempt of kangaroo court” and will probably serve jailtime.

Democrats are definitely human dictionaries or know-it-alls. And no one likes a know-it-all especially when they don’t know-it-all. Or as President Reagan famously said, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” Let’s vote all the dictionaries out of office this November!


One thought on “Democrats: The Human Dictionaries.

  1. “Let’s vote all the dictionaries out of office this November!” As I am from the UK I can’t vote, but I hope the good citizens of the USA do just that.

    As the tide turned in WW2 at the same time only 80 years ago I am very hopeful.

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