Was Congressional Baseball Game a Harbinger of the Midterm Results? 10 to Zero. GOP Wins!

Photo by Martin Pu00e9chy on Pexels.com

Let’s hope so as the GOP has good karma on their side. And I notice the media hasn’t covered this story much at all. I wonder why? Not really. The Dems are embarrassed so bury the story. The Dems put one of the members of the Unselect J6 Kangaroo Court in as pitcher! Talk about being in our face! Can’t even get away from these loons during a playful baseball game? And why did one chubby female pinch baserunner give the finger to the GOP dugout when she ran by? She displayed poor sportsmanship, typical of the Democrats.

She later said someone shouted a misogynist comment. If so, let’s hear what it was? She’s lying. Let’s face it, if the Democrats can’t cheat, they lose. And when they lose, they make up lies. All in all, it was a great game with pretty skilled outfielders on both sides. These guys must play baseball in their spare time. At one time the Dems had bases loaded with no outs, but our pitcher struck out three batters in a row. Very professional game.

Nancy was in the stands claiming how competitive they are. Well, we already knew that; but competitiveness aside, you have to have a little luck too. And I think their luck has just about ran out and it’s our time. If this is a foreshadow into how the midterms will turn out, I’ll take it.


There are so many things going wrong in this country at once it is too numerous to go into them all. Everyday more and more disturbing information comes out about the past election, the tainted FBI, the border crisis, the inflation, war in Ukraine, crime in our cities, the January 6th hoax, along with the Biden Crime Syndicate Family. Almost too much for the average person to digest at once. But this was their intent, I believe, to throw so many crises onto the wall at once that only some of them would stick and be noticed. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is their mantra so why not have a multitude of them to throw off the voters? But in time, they will all be exposed. Recession has now been termed “a transition.” This is how they try to fool us, with redefining historic words.

Sure some of the die hard Dems will fall for the media’s tricks as well as this Administration’s; but now that their karma is beginning to kick in, they should all be getting their comeuppance soon. Let’s hope by the midterms, but expect an October surprise from them.

Question: Did Biden really have covid and test positive again? I wouldn’t put it past the Dems to fabricate that Biden has contracted “long covid” and must resign before the midterms to be replaced by a person of their choice. All in an effort to boost the ratings of the Dems before going to the polls. They are coming up with something devious, no doubt, as everything else they have tried has failed.

Watch how they’ll use Monkeypox disease to their advantage by trying to scare average folks into wearing a mask to prevent catching it. They will call it another pandemic soon. It is only spread through sex and usually by gay or bisexual men. It is the New AIDs. Beware women picking up strange guys. But don’t fall for mail in ballots as it is not spread by exhaling or talking in close proximity of others. You will not catch it by standing in a line to vote this November.

Stay tuned.


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