Biden’s Henchmen, FBI and DOJ, Are Desperate.

I believe when Trump won the straw poll at CPAC, when Chris Wray got raked over the coals in front of the senate, when the J6 Committee failed, and when Biden’s troubles with Hunter escalated, this prompted the dictator’s henchmen to ratchet up their witch hunt on Trump in order to prompt Trump to announce he’s running to rally their pro-abortion base to hit the streets prior to the midterms. It is a hail Mary for sure and last ditch attempt at tarnishing Trump, but they are desperate as all their corrupt cards have been shown.

If the FBI can perform an illegal search on Trump’s private residence, you know they can and did incite the January 6th riot and helped with the stolen election. They are all corrupt and out for retaliation, especially dictator Biden. Chris Wray and his little smirk need to resign as well as worm-face Garland. These two clowns have it out for Trump; one, for not getting the SCOTUS job and the other, for the firing of his buddy Comey. They want revenge and have been at it since taking their jobs.

Now that we all know the DOJ and FBI have become politicized and biased against conservatives, they need to be dismantled from the top down. And if the IRS gets 87,000 more agents, we’ll come after them too. Our best defense is success in November. Let’s not let their unlawful actions continue. Let’s stop them before they do more harm to the rule of law and our democracy as we are looking like a third world country run by a dictatorship.

When Biden denies any knowledge of this raid, he’s lying. It’s not a coincidence he and Chris Wray left town on vacation leaving the worm behind to answer for them. All planned, all in on it!

It’s embarrassing, to say the least, the midnight armed-raid on Trump’s home, searching through Melania’s closet, Trump’s safe, and all their drawers. It is a stain on our country that can never be reversed. Let’s hope this raid backfires on them. Let’s end their complete control of our country and end it soon! We are the laughing stock of other countries.


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