DOJ Scrambles to Release a Legit Probable Cause for Raidgate.

One rotten DOJ and FBI apple spoils the bunch.

And Trump calls Garland’s bluff of releasing the search warrant by saying, release it all. There was no probable cause, but the DOJ has to quickly invent one as the people are up in arms. Rumors that one of Trump’s CIA security detail alerted the DOJ to an urgent problem of classified documents of nuclear weapons on Trump’s property. Please. The subject of nuclear weapons always gets the public nervous, right? Except that Trump doesn’t have nuclear documents nor did a CIA informant come forward. This is their backup plan.

They had no probable cause other than to target Biden’s political opponent before the midterms and maybe find something incriminating on him at the same time rendering him disqualified to run. Wishful thinking. It was a fishing expedition or witch hunt. But also they figured the more spectacular the raid, the more criminal it would look to the useful idiots running around liberal towns with premade signs reading “Lock Trump Up.” But like everything else this administration attempts, it backfires in their faces. Wouldn’t be surprised if the agents involved in the search were sniffing Melania’s panties while in her bedroom. But seriously, these are sick puppies that need to be drained from the swamp.

A rotten apple spoils the bunch and the rotten apples are Chris Wray and Merrick Garland. They are spreading their decay from the top down. They are probably coming up with some nuclear documents, as I write, that they can say they discovered in the search as none of Trump’s lawyers were allowed to be present. Also illegal but VERY reminiscent of the election officers who kicked out GOP inspectors from the counting of ballots and boarded up windows from the press so they could stuff the ballot box with counterfeit ballots. This is how they get away with cheating. They kick us out, and we don’t fight back. Trump’s lawyers should have objected at the time, but they just capitulated.

So while Biden and his corrupt son (whose Malibu house should be raided ironically) are on vacation mooching off some Democrat-donor, lamebrain billionaire on a private island, Trump is having to defend himself yet again for nothing and We the People are getting screwed with a 700 billion $$$$ Climate Change nonsense bill (mislabeled as Inflation Reduction and relabeled from Build Back Better) being passed remotely by absentee Democrats!

Let’s vote all these absentee Democrats and RINOs out of office this November, especially Liz Cheney who put together a sick ad using her scary-looking father. George Bush should be ashamed of himself and his cronies. And why hasn’t he come out in Trump’s defense of the lawless Raidgate? Outrageous!

So while we wait to hear what the DOJ’s affidavit says that they presented to the Obama-donor, Trump-hating, Epstein defending judge, don’t be surprised if it is a vague, big nothing burger that shouldn’t have been approved. This is Raidgate just like Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and Insurrectiongate. These scoundrels will stop at nothing to get Trump. Expect more of this as we get closer to the midterms.


5 thoughts on “DOJ Scrambles to Release a Legit Probable Cause for Raidgate.

  1. I rail against the Republicans often, for good reasons. But we have to give them credit for keeping Merrick Garland off the SCOTUS back during the Obama years. They obviously knew who and what this guy was.


  2. Merrick Garland’s son-in-law is the guy who produces all of the CRT crap they distribute to our public schools. Good ol’ Merrick denies it’s a conflict of interest and nobody calls him out for it. These people are so scummy they make me ill just looking at them.

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  3. Oh, by the way. Over the past few days, all of us that speak out against what they are doing, are considered enemies of the state, and any other name they can think of to tag us with. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.


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