Where’s the Heterosexual Pride Month or White Pride Month?

Photo by Brianna Amick on Pexels.com

Seems like the Gay Community and Blacks get to celebrate for a whole month each year. What about the rest of us? What are we, chopped liver? Aren’t we allowed to have pride? Can’t we be proud of being white or heterosexual? I am. I have no white guilt or straight guilt. In Biden’s world, we are now becoming the minority, so we need to celebrate once a year. We need parades and holidays in our honor now too. We need a symbol flag in our honor. What should it be: a prismatic sunset, a glistening waterfall, a first snowfall? We can have our own symbol flags too.

Whites are considered last hired and first fired now in some states yet our forefathers were all European white guys. Funny how this works. They founded and built America and wrote the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence, yet are considered less than equal now. But I thought we were all created equal. Not in Biden’s self-loathing world. Straight white men are becoming the lowest demographic on the hiring scale. According to current media standards and this administration unless you check one of their “special boxes” like Kamala checked (person of color, gay, trans, female, or a combination) you’re out of luck. Take your fancy degree and whiteness and apply somewhere else. Just look at Biden’s cabinet members! As Rush Limbaugh used to say, “it looks like the bar scene from Star Wars.” It really does.

But seriously, let’s start that trend soon and see if it catches on. I can hear the left now. “Your flag is the swastika flag or the confederate flag.” This is how they think. They label us as racist yet they were the KKK. Remember, whatever they accuse us of, they are doing or have done themselves. Like the “espionage” that they are trying to pin on Trump. If anyone is selling secrets and favors to other countries like China, it is Biden, Hillary, and Nance. Go after them. Ransack their homes in the dead of night with armed FBI agents. Oh, I forgot, they’re Democrats and above the law.

But in the meantime we should try to get our own Pride Month and a Flag to go with it. This is where were heading, folks. This is Biden’s Divided Country. Another failure. They don’t like us.


Goodbye Liz Cheney. Go home to daddy or MSNBC. We don’t need RINOs in our party. Don’t you get it? Your one-sided J6 Star Chamber failed from the get go. Don’t bother running against Trump or DeSantis. You don’t have a chance. It would be good tv watching Trump debate Cheney, however.


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