Let’s Not Stop Poking the Bear…

Photo by Petr Ganaj on Pexels.com

just because we’ve had a few wins lately. Liz Cheney was enriching herself through her husband’s company with deals with China to the tune of $44 million while in office and I’m quite sure she set some aside for her “big guy” Dick. So, she was corrupt and trying to put her guilt onto Trump just like Nancy, Hillary, and Biden have done.

We can’t let up now just because it looks like we’ll win in November. There are some pretty radical candidates running against us and they draw in millions of campaign money from Hollywood and the Clintons. They need to be stopped. Cheney received money from Obama, Hillary, and Hollywood yet called herself a Republican. She did nothing for her state just her pocketbook and the voters spoke.

Continue to speak out in any way or forum you can against the bear, the Socialist Party, commonly known as Democrats. Our country will go bankrupt under their rule evidenced by their phony Inflation Reduction Bill. They have loopholes in that bill promising tax breaks for those buying EV vehicles under $80,000, but they’ve all gone up in price due to no availability, supply and demand, rendering the tax break implausible. What they really need all this money for is to pay for the 87,000 more IRS Agents that will audit average citizens to death and to reward their donors. That’s all it’s about.

So keep poking the bear until November when we take over and defund most of their programs, maybe impeach a few dirty rotten scoundrels like Garland, Wray, and Biden.


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