Two New Syndromes Are Emerging: EV Anxiety and Munchausen by Covid.

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EV Anxiety Syndrome: Due to the increase of EV vehicles on the road but unavailability of charging locations, it makes it impossible for an EV to make a road trip over 300 miles without getting anxiety when they have only 15 miles left and no charging stations in sight. Then, when and if, you are lucky enough to find one when you are out of town that is not occupied or reserved for someone else, they are usually slow charges that take up to two hours and only 60% of full. And they cost $20 for an hour’s charge.

Symptoms of this anxiety are turning off at every exit from the freeway and asking strangers if they know of any charging stations nearby. Calling the car dealership from your vehicle asking them where to go. Having AAA’s number and card in your console at the ready to call. Yearning for your old gas guzzling SUV and missing the normal gas stations at every exit. And finally, suddenly finding yourself uncharacteristically praying while driving.

Munchausen Syndrome by Covid: Typical Munchausen Syndrome: Munchausen syndrome is a psychological disorder where someone pretends to be ill or deliberately produces symptoms of illness in themselves. Their main intention is to assume the “sick role” so that people care for them and they are the center of attention.

Symptoms of this Munchausen Syndrome by Covid are much the same. Exaggerating minor symptoms of covid in yourself or a loved one to gain sympathy from others and possibly seek their attention. Other symptoms are wearing a mask indoors or in a car to draw attention to oneself. Testing family members over and over for covid and checking their fever and exaggerating the results, like calling 98.9 a fever. Not allowing visitors in your home without a mask. Refusing to go into a restaurant that isn’t requiring patrons to wear masks. Washing ones hands excessively. Thinking everyone else is a carrier and treating them like Typhoid Mary. Thinking a runny nose or a slight cough is covid and panicking. Calling in sick for work (Biden) with made up covid symptoms. Never experiencing covid but acting like the authority on it. Believing everything the CDC, Fauci, and WHO says about covid. Following the covid death and case graphs incessently. Missing the daily pressers from Governor Cuomo, Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Brix.

I have first hand experience of people suffering from the above syndromes, so I have named them. Others are probably experiencing these syndromes. These are due to Biden being the president. Trusting that charging stations would be popping up everywhere was a lie by Biden and his overconfidence and misinformation on the effectivity of vaccines, masks, and testing has contributed to the Munchausen. Trump Derangement Syndrome is another illness that millions have been suffering from for years like Liz Cheney, Biden, and Hillary.

These irrational syndromes are a direct result of Democrats’ policies and lies. Vote the bums out in November as they are making people psychologically ill.


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