Fifteen Signs You May Be Woke.

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In no particular order:

  1. If you think climate change is the biggest threat to the world, you may be woke.
  2. If you think sex, gender, and CRT should be taught to third graders or younger, you may be woke.
  3. If you still wear a mask in stores or outdoors, you may be woke.
  4. If you think transgenders should compete in women’s sports, you may be woke.
  5. If you think requiring Voter ID on election day is racist, you may be woke.
  6. If you think the government should mandate covid vaccinations, you may be woke.
  7. If you think parents shouldn’t have a say in what is taught in our schools, you may be woke.
  8. If you support BLM and think they are improving the lives of African Americans, you may be woke.
  9. If you think the corona virus came to our country just by happenstance, you may be woke.
  10. If you think the 2020 election was decided fairly and squarely, you are woke.

Get some help. You’ve been brainwashed.

Two more. [4-22-22]

11. If you think it’s normal for parents or schools to encourage children to undergo a sex change, you may be woke.

12. If you believe that the millions of illegals crossing our borders should not be prosecuted and returned but rather receive all the benefits of being a U.S. citizen like free healthcare, welfare, housing, and other rights, you may be woke.

More: (9-08-22)

13. If you think the January 6th Commission is justified, fair, and legal, you may be woke.

14. If you think the raid of Trump’s home was justified, fair, and legal, you may be woke.

15. If you think voting for Republican candidates in the midterms will cause a civil war, you are woke!

If you agree with five of the above you are bordering on becoming woke. If you believe in ten or more you have become woke. If you believe in all of the above, you are Ultra Woke!


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