The Tyrant Gives War Speech Against Americans.

Backdropped by a blood red, shadowy, creepy, militant stage setting reminiscent of Michelle Obama’s dress on inauguration night, we felt like we were living in Nazi Germany. Something is happening here and it ain’t just exactly clear. There’s a man with two fists up there screaming and flailing in the air. Is this the man the left forced on us to be president? Is this the man who stole our election and has the audacity to brag about receiving 81 million votes? Is this the same man who promised to be a unifier in his inauguration speech? There really are no words to what we witnessed last night.

My husband called it disgusting. That’s not strong enough. The dictionary hasn’t created a word for what we all witnessed. Unhinged, despicable, contemptable, detestable, divisive, sordid, shameless, evil? All he focused on was hating Trump and his supporters. I felt personally assaulted by this speech and yelled “f*** you” at the tv more times than I can recall. He mentioned Donald Trump’s name more times than I can recall. He’s obsessed with him. He wanted to frame Trump as some sort of cult leader of an extreme violent fringe group called MAGA Forces like Antifa or BLM. We’re not a fringe group. We are not violent or insurrectionists like BLM or Antifa. We are “We the People”, the American voters. As he shall soon find out.

When he screamed at the BLM crowd to “vote, vote, vote.” Yes, we will. And we will vote, vote, vote all the whackos currently in office from his party. Then we will do all we can to get this tyrant out of office. We are not MAGA Republicans or MAGA FORCE as he kept referring to us. He’s trying to label us as part of some extreme violent cult. We are common sense conservatives, plain and simple. We don’t don red caps, attend every Trump rally, nor just vote Trump. We’re not white supremacists that need watching by the FBI. We’re regular people with common sense solutions to problems created by this tyrant.

Ironically, everything he accused Trump of doing or being, like authoritarian leader, is exactly what he is doing or being. Vote, vote, vote this communist party out of power.


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