Biden Hates Good, Honest, Hardworking People in the GOP.

He’s divided America down party lines and doesn’t want anything to do with anyone that supported Trump. He calls us fascists, extremists, fringe, white supremacists, racist, misogynist, ultra, maga, domestic terrorists, and other vile names. None of which are true.

Biden is running on anti-GOP, anti-pro-life, anti-made in America, anti-law enforcement, anti-fossil fuel, anti-supreme court, anti-closed borders, anti-school parents, anti-gasoline vehicles, anti-women’s sports, anti-small businesses, anti-tax cuts,, anti-voter ID, anti-fair elections, anti-prosperity, anti-constitution, anti-transparency, anti-energy independence, anti-gun, anti-freedom of speech, anti-weather changes, anti-America first, anti-whites, anti-straights, anti-biological gender, anti-unity, anti-peace through strength, anti-good, honest people, but mainly anti-Trump.

Trump is his biggest threat to his presidency and wants to take him out before 2024. This is his platform aside from being pro-transgender, pro sex changes, pro gender studies, pro white shame, pro roe v wade, pro insurrections, pro climate change, pro smash and grab, pro RESIST Movement, pro ANTIFA, pro BLM riots, pro stimulus checks, pro student loan forgiveness, pro EV cars, pro open borders, pro illegals, pro mail in ballots, pro DOJ abuse of power, pro FBI abuse of power, pro suppression of speech and news, and pro spreading hate.

Expect a hate-filled speech tonight peppered with: “Not a joke, not being facetious, not hyperbole, I’m being serious, fascists, and not kidding.” Also peppered with shouts, slurs, coughs, whispers, name calling, and down right anger. He will be spitting angry because he’s a failure. Not a uniter but a divider. Don’t believe a word he says. All not true. Or just change the channel.


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