Are We Tired Yet?

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Yes, we are. We’re tired of pointing out the same ol’ same ol’ lies told by the main stream media and this administration. How many times do we have to correct them on conservative news networks, radio shows, and by other means? It is getting exhausting.

We all knew two years ago that the Hunter laptop was real and not “Russia Disinformation” but the moderators in the presidential debates shut it down as well as Facebook, Twitter, and main stream media. Joe Biden lied about it on national tv and still is lying about it. Now we find the FBI was involved in the coverup too. Why wouldn’t they be? They were holding the laptop in secret for months prior to the election. This is called “Election Interference.”

But the Democrats never get their feet held to the fire for breaking the law. We have a two-tiered justice system; one for the Democrat elites, and other for rest for us schmucks. And it needs to end. Republicans need to be treated equally and fairly within the law. But instead we are called semi-fascists by the president. That is worse than “deplorables” and a dog whistle to Antifa to come out in arms.

Next we will be hearing confessions from Facebook founder and whistleblowers in the FBI that they conspired to steal the election away from Trump and also incited the violence at the capitol. But it won’t be a shock to most of us as we already knew that. It will just come as a big surprise to the gullibles or as Rush Limbaugh used to call them the “low information voters.” And boy, oh boy, do I know a few of those. In fact, Biden drew a crowd of them in Pennsylvania yesterday while he falsely accused the GOP as being the party of violence. He called us insurrectionists and that we can’t be for law and order when we are for insurrection. The crowd roared.

First of all, he’s lying again. January 6th was not an insurrection! Another big lie. Then he tried to claim the mantle of being for funding the police not defunding them. Yet while he campaigned, he and Kamala were for defunding the police. It’s all on tape. Another lie that we have to correct on our own as the media lets it slide. He said the GOP voted against funding the police! Wow! If that was slipped into the Inflation Reduction bill, I can see why. But does he mention that? No. The guy is about as shady as they come. He’s not for the soul of America, as he has no soul. He’s creepy and flirts with underage girls nine years old, like he did in the audience. He scopes them out and starts flirting live on camera. Very disturbing and off putting.

We’ll also eventually come to learn that Obama and Fauci helped fund the biological weapon research done on viruses in the Chinese Wuhan lab that ended up being released out into the public killing millions. And what a weapon it was. It almost ended Trump’s success as a president. Makes one wonder why it was released and why at that time. Hmmmm.

We also found out later that Hillary instigated and paid for the Russia Collusion Hoax they tried to pin onto Trump. It probably involved more people like Biden, Obama, Strzok, Page, Rice, Jarred, Wray, et al and Trump had the documents revealing their involvement at his home in Mar-a-Lago. Thus the raid.

So, we are tired. Tired of the lies. Tired of the coverups. Tired of correcting what they tell the public. We can’t even always count of FOX News, as I can see they are conflicted between what they know is the truth and what the liberal Never-Trumper owners want them to report. They sometimes look bumfuzzled.


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