GenZ: A Generation Lost.

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Commonly known as Zoomers were born between 1997 and 2012 after the Millennial Generation. Some are just reaching job-seeking ages or starting college. But women of today have degraded themselves to a new low. Is it because this latest generation has been so brainwashed in college that they have lost all sense and sensibility? It would appear so. Women have stooped to a new low in commercials. They are doing “poop”, butt deodorizer, vagina shaving, and tampon insertion commercials. It’s sick and I have to look away or mute them. There is no such thing as modesty or decency in commercials any longer.

Is this what women’s lib has brought us to? Ladies, you are selling yourself short. You are better than this. Where’s your dignity? No money in the world should have allowed you to appear in these commercials. And who is writing these commercials? Probably men who are fed up with women’s lib and are getting back at us. Or women who think it will advance women’s liberation. Either way, it doesn’t. The glass ceiling you were hoping to break has become a rotten wooden floor you are falling through.

This GenZ generation is lost. We may never have another normal generation of children born again unless Republicans gain back power. All these young women care about is being able to have an abortion, smoke their pot, have sex with both genders, live off the government, and protest in the streets. This is not women’s liberation. This is women’s degradation. We are ruining a whole generation of future successful women by allowing this kind of amoral behavior to continue. It has to stop. Whoever is behind it should be fired from professors to politicians to influencers to governors to commercial writers and lastly to our president.

This new generation does not believe in marriage or having children. They don’t even believe in working, just getting money from the government or from some quick fix like a TikTok video. They spend half their day looking at their cell phones. They think our world will not survive longer than twelve years due to climate change. This is the crap they’ve been taught in college and from some politicians along with gender changes and hate for the opposite race, especially the white race. Until all this ends, we will not be a normal country of God loving and patriotic folks, we will be filled with hate taught by our college professors and even teachers in grade school. For those GenZrs that have rose above all this influence, I apologize and commend you and your parents.

I hope the next generation post covid, post CRT, post Democrat/Socialism, post police-hating, post transgender sex changes, post pronoun changes, post climate-change activists, post wokeness, post political correctness, post GenZ will be a generation of decent ladies and gentlemen raised with morals, scruples, and common sense. Otherwise our country is doomed forever. Something has to give.

Vote the bums influencing our children out in November!


2 thoughts on “GenZ: A Generation Lost.

  1. I wish it were as simple as installing another political party. It runs much deeper. The influence of Satan is stronger than ever and is not going to be quelled by a political party. It may be slightly tempered but the love of fame, money, and worldly possessions is virtually an indefeatable force. That is precisely why women are willing to do once unthinkable acts in commercials, for fame and wealth setting aside pride and dignity.


  2. It may not be enough to just change the ruling party, but it’s a start. Without this change, it can only get worse. We definitely have gone downhill in dignity, pride, and morals in just two short years under “anything goes” Biden.


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