FBI Colluded with Facebook and Possibly Twitter by Election Interference.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Remember, what ever they accuse Trump of, they have done or are doing. This is proof. The FBI physically went to Facebook and most likely met with Zuckerbucks himself to ask him to bury the story of Hunter’s Laptop by labeling it “Russia Disinformation.” Then they rounded up 50 former “intelligence” agents that were Never-Trumpers to sign a letter confirming that it was Russia Disinformation, some of these clowns included Clapper, Brennan, Panetta, and many other beauties. So you see, this was the beginning of the stolen 2020 election by election interference.

What other proof do we all need that the election was stolen with the help of the tainted FBI? Okay…what about Zuckerbucks investing millions in Drop Boxes that had shady chain of custody and midnight ballot harvesters literally stuffing the ballot box? So there’s that. What about the shady postal workers who brought ballots over state in the dead of night or even tried to bring them to Canada for a dumping but got caught. What about the piles of fresh ballots found in a river dumped by a postal worker? These were all drones working for Biden who inevitably got rewarded once the biased media announced that Biden won.

Then there were the compromised election workers who boarded up windows, faked a broken pipeline, rolled in suitcases after hours, kicked GOP inspectors out of the room, and filled out blank ballots with only Biden’s box checked, no other boxes checked. Suspicious? You bet. Signature match not required. ID not required. Names cross referenced to residents not required. Phony ballots. They used BLM members for those positions.

What about all the underage voters, nonresidents, or noncitizens that were allowed to vote? No telling how many of those ballots passed through inspection. Then there were the double voters who mailed in their ballot then voted in person just to make sure Biden crossed over the winner’s threshold. This is a crime that went unpunished. Also, the dead voters. Relatives or new tenants that mailed in their deceased former tenant’s ballots. They call it the means justifying the end. In other words, they can cheat as long as the result is: Trump not being successful.

Yesterday, doofus Biden went to a campaign rally trying to mirror a Trump rally. He said some horrible things. He called ultra MAGA voters fascists and Trump a defeated former president, emphasis on “defeated.” He said he had 81 million votes leaving out the word stolen or illegitimate votes. He referred to a heckler who yelled, “you stole the election” ignorance has no bounds. Biden’s arrogance has no bounds. Biden lied about not knowing of the raid of Trump’s home. There’s no way he didn’t know, as Garland is his little lapdog doing his dirty work.

And lastly, Biden’s daughter’s diary was left behind and found by someone who made it public. This is the same as Hunter’s laptop being left behind at the repair shop. These offspring are not responsible adults. In this diary, Ashley recalls showering with her father as a child and that in itself is creepy, hippy behavior. There was a movie, The Good Mother, addressing this issue which ended in a court battle for custody with the mother’s ex..

The Good Mother is a 1988 American drama film and an adaptation of Sue Miller‘s novel of the same name. Directed by Leonard Nimoy, the film stars Diane Keaton and Liam Neeson in the leading roles. The Good Mother explores feelings and beliefs about children’s exposure to adult sexuality and challenges society’s growing reliance upon courts to settle complex private and ethical matters.” Wikipedia. And Biden wants to bring dignity back to the White House. It is laughable, if it wasn’t so ironic. And the finders of the diary were arrested for stealing. More irony.



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