When Biden Can’t Steal Votes, He Buys Them.

Photo by Victoria Borodinova on Pexels.com

It’s the Democrat way. Bribery and Blackmail are their way of life. Why do you think Pelosi’s husband will get off easy from a jury of his peers? Because the prosecutor will get offered a cushy job in government by Nancy. Why do you think Biden is promising to forgive student loans? To bribe young voters to vote Democrat in November. Why do you think Biden is flooding our borders with tens of millions of illegals and even putting them up in hotels, giving them welfare, clothing, cell phones, healthcare, and education? So they can become future voting citizens by some weird immigration act passed by the Democrats! This has been his plan from the get go.

But what Biden doesn’t care about is the unintended consequences of not knowing who’ve we allowed into our country. Are they terrorists, criminals, rapists, pedophiles, thieves, convicts, arsonists, kidnappers, murders, serial killers, or drug cartels? He doesn’t care. Will a college degree get cheapened by making it free so that employers no longer look to see if one received a degree? Anything free is not worth achieving. And all this coming from the candidate who used to say, “A job is more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity.” Well…a degree is more than a diploma, it’s about an accomplishment; which if college were free, would cheapen the accomplishment, i.e., anyone could get one, even the village idiot. After all, the way professors are grading these days with passing grades for all, everyone graduates even illiterates.

But seriously, Biden is desperate from now till November. Anything he does is out of desperation, like the raiding of Trump’s home. All a smokescreen to get the news off of his poor performance. If people can’t see that, they’re blind. Notice he has even relaxed the CDC covid restrictions to “anything goes” now. Well…those should have been relaxed a long time ago. Now we are living with a paranoid bunch of hypochondriacs walking around like zombies. We see them wherever we go, standing back six feet wearing masks with fearful eyes peering out above. It’s downright creepy.

Everything Biden has touched from schools, to health, to the border, to crime, to foreign affairs, to the economy has turned to shit and now college degrees. It hurts us personally as we sold our family home to put our sons through college. Then my son took out his own college loan to pursue a law degree. Can we get paid back 10,000 per child? I think a class action lawsuit is in order if this bribery isn’t retroactive. And who does Biden think will pay for this loan forgiveness? Certainly not the bank who issued them. It will be us, the taxpayers. So in essence we get to pay for college twice–once for our kids and now for others’ kids. Wonderful!

If Biden lasts two more years in the White House, our country will be bankrupted by then. He just gave billions to Ukraine and left 20 billion behind in Afghanistan. He’s a walking, talking (mumbling), real life Mr. Magoo. No offence to Mr. Magoo. So when Biden can’t steal votes, he buys them. He’s been stealing his whole life. He stole his wife from his best friend, speeches from other speakers, college essays and called them his, Obama’s cabinet members, lines and some accomplishments from President Trump, and he stole the 2020 election by bribing election officials and postal workers with the help of other Democrats like Zuckerbucks. He’s a lifetime thief.

Sorry, but someone has to say it. The 2020 election was stolen and now the midterm college voters are being bribed. No telling how many illegals will be allowed to vote by “provisional ballot” by election workers in the midterms. These provisional ballots are counted first and used in the final tally of votes, then looked at later more carefully after the winner has already been announced. It’s one of the Democrats’ scams and shouldn’t be allowed without proof of ID and citizenship.


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