Martha’s Vineyard in Uproar Over 50 Illegals!

Photo by Kristina Gain on

Wow! What an invasion! Wonder what it feels like to have a taste of their own medicine for a change? Doesn’t taste so good, does it? So while Arizona, Southern California, Texas are all suffering from thousands of illegals crossing over daily at the “closed, secure” border, Governor Ron DeSantis shares the wealth with the elitists in Martha’s Vineyard, but they remarkedly don’t want them!

The party that loves illegals entering our country doesn’t want them in their rich neighborhoods? Shocking! What…there’s no voting machines in Martha’s Vineyard? And we thought they were loving, all inclusive folks that want to bring dignity back to our country by allowing those from third world countries into our open arms. I guess we were wrong. Even The Tyrant is calling it a political ploy. Really? So if it’s okay to fly them in the dead of night across the U.S. to Red States, why is it a political ploy for us to send a few to New York City, Chicago, D.C., or Martha’s Vineyard?

Two can play this game, and it’s not called kidnapping, Newsom. Leave it to a Democrite to look for another reason to prosecute a successful elected Republican. It’s called getting a taste of your own medicine so you’ll know what it feels like and finally CLOSE OFF THE BORDER, FINISH THE WALL, AND SEND BACK THOSE THAT HAVE ALREADY ARRIVED HERE! You dummies are in charge!

The irony of the rich elites’ reaction to what Governors Abbott and DeSantis are doing goes without saying. Do they even realize how hypocritical they are being? Or are they just as tone deaf as The Tyrant is?

Maybe now we will get the attention of the braindead Democrites in office to do something about our southern borders! They wouldn’t listen before.

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