Will Democrats Ever Admit When They’re Wrong?

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I’m waiting for the day when one, just one, of my Democrat friends or family will call me to say, “I was really wrong about Trump and totally wrong about Biden. I wish I hadn’t voted for him. You were right all along.” But it will be a freezing day in August before I receive that call. In fact, I’m not even expecting it

Why can’t they admit they’re wrong? What kind of personality can’t fess up to being wrong about something? I would love love love an apology of sorts for their hateful comments about Trump, his family, and his cabinet members, but I’m a realist and know it won’t be forthcoming anytime soon. In fact, I shouldn’t meet with these folks again until I get an apology. Still waiting for the one apology for saying “Trump incited the capitol riot by telling folks to go fight.” Ain’t gonna happen.

Our politicians figure if they say something often enough it will become fact. Rules for Radicals 101. Like “White Supremacy domestic terror is the biggest threat on American soil today.” This mantra is being repeated daily by the media, Democrat politicians, DOJ, and the FBI. The main stream media is sadly carrying the water for the Democrat Party. They also never admit when they’ve been wrong. It must be addicting. No apology for the Russia Collusion Hoax as yet nor the phony Hillary-funded Steel Dossier that they pushed on us. No apology for the Hunter Laptop “Russia Disinformation” hoax as yet. After they get exposed for lying to us, they just turn the page like it never happened. It’s maddening.

Speaking of Hillary and Hunter…the Two H’s. Notice they are brazenly appearing in the media lately like they have no shame. Fat-face Hillary doing interviews makes me vomit. What…does she think she’s running again after being exposed for colluding with the FBI? What gall! And scroungy Hunter showing up at White House functions is another slap in the face by The Tyrant. It’s almost as though he’s thinking, “you pick on my son, and I’ll show you by embracing him on camera more often.”

And what’s with The Tyrant’s closeup face contact with women on stage? He close-talks them, and one can only imagine what they are smelling. Has he not seen one episode of Seinfeld in his life? Ugh! He seems to think he is some sort of heartthrob celebrity that women are attracted to. Unless he’s thinking the banjo player from Deliverance was hot. Must be his dementia or there are no mirrors in the White House.

But seriously, our country is in trouble with a capital T which stands for Treason. Our elected officials are selling out our country to China and soon Iran, and we can’t do a damn thing about it until we take over the House and the Senate and send Nancy and Schumer packing. There’s much we can do to turn back the tide and reverse The Tyrant’s executive actions once we get control of the Congress. We can even start impeachment proceedings on many. Two can play this game.

But don’t be fooled as they will cheat again in the midterms. How much? We do not know yet. Will Zuckerbucks invest another 400 million $$$$$ in drop boxes for harvested ballots that have no chain of command? Will the post office recruit rogue drivers to throw away GOP ballots again? Will election officials stuff the ballot box with forged ballots again? And will they allow nonresidents, non citizens, underage, and dead people to vote again? We do not know. Another reason to get an apology from our friends–for the stolen election. Still waiting.


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