Woke Students Hate Oil, Only Two Genders, Pro-Life, Cops, and God.

But they believe in science. Except that it’s weird science. What in the hell are professors teaching our youth to make them so filled with hate that they’ll spit on a pro-life or pro-fossil fuel activist? Do they still believe that the world is coming to an end soon due to climate change or the end of Roe v. Wade? Poor mushy-brained little brats. They probably still believe in the tooth fairy.

I’m really wondering how gullible are these youth to believe everything their woke professors, AOC, or Al Gore tells them. Then when a professor sets them straight or a candidate for governor does, they scream or walk out of the classroom. They sound as dumb as Biden’s press secretary. And that’s pretty dumb.

I recently witnessed a tv reality Housewife scold another one for not believing that the vaccines prevent the spread of covid. The woke one screamed and rose from her seat with fingers pointing to get her point across that vaccines prevent death and the spread. These wokesters think if they yell loud enough we have to believe them. We don’t.

But what about our college-aged youth? They seem to have wasted their education on a bunch of gender confusion, social justice, anti-oil, climate and twerking classes. What ever happened to the basics like learning to write a good business letter, a report, or an advertising campaign? What ever happened to graphic arts, architecture, marketing, accounting, or engineering? Haven’t these kids picked up any skills in college aside from protesting? I’m really starting to wonder what are they good for? Absolutely nothing.

A generation lost.


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