Why Doesn’t Pelosi Have a Security System?

I thought Pelosi lived in a walled off property with security cameras, armed security guards, and locked doors. For an intruder to flippantly enter by a backdoor sounds a little suspicious. Of course, San Francisco is riddled with homeless and crime, but it usually doesn’t hit the higher echelon homes with high fences. Was it hired help, or as Nancy calls them, crop pickers. Was it a disgruntled stock investor that didn’t get the inside information that Mr. Pelosi is privy to? Or was it a smash and grab perp that did the smash on Mr. Pelosi instead. If he’s black, we’ll never know; but if he’s white, he’ll be labeled a MAGA extremist.

Was this a staged event gone wrong to garner sympathy for the Democrats prior to the midterms? That would really be grasping at straws but remember the staged kidnapping of Governor Whitmore. I don’t put anything past them. Will the perp be released the same day like all the perps in New York City that attack strangers? Of course not! It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Personally, I smell a rat and its name is Nancy as it sounds eerily familiar to the Capitol breach that came the day when the votes were being contested. The Dems are being contested so why not try it again with an insurrection on her home? If they find pipe bombs outside, we’ll know it was staged as that is their signature. Only crazy libs attack people, so we’ll see if they reveal the identity of the perp.

I think the Dems are desperate as they can see the Red Wave approaching and will try just about anything to get the news cycle off of their failing policies. Or is it as simple as them getting a taste of their policies of being soft on crime and allowing over 5 million illegals into our country? It’s called getting their just deserts, and I don’t mean ice cream.

I notice the White House has quickly chimed in showing full sympathy for the Pelosi family. Wow! Talk about changing the narrative. No one wants to campaign with the old bag of bones so this is a way for him to be noticed.

Stay tuned for the real story behind this break in.


Since the attacker was found in his underpants and Paul knew his name and called him a friend, what can we deduce from that? Hmmm. Well…it is San Francisco. The MSM, Nance, and Biden are already blaming violent right wing extremists. They will try to spin this shady story into an anti-Trump story no doubt. But we all know it is usually libs that are crazy with violence especially in SF and NYC.


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