What Are the Police Hiding in Pelosi Attack?

There are so many unanswered questions regarding the assault on Paul Pelosi in the wee hours of the morning that the police have failed to answer. There is more than meets the eye in this case. But as expected, the media, Biden, Newsom, and Nancy have jumped on the “harsh conservative language train” being the cause of the so called break in. They have blamed Jesse Watters to MAGA to January 6th to election deniers to Republican ads for the “break in.” Apparently it is no longer proper to say, “fire Nancy”.

When they discovered that the creep was a radical progressive homeless illegal alien drug addict activist that is not affiliated with the GOP or MAGA in any way but rather BLM, Green Party, and Nudists, they had to change their narrative to blame conservative harsh language inspired the nut to attack. Now they are demanding Republicans take down any anti-Nancy ads prior to the midterms. Is this their October Surprise? Sure looks like it. Was it planned ahead or was it taking advantage of a crisis to use in their favor? Sure looks like it. Did Paul take one for the team?

Where was their outrage on all the far left harsh language used against Trump for the last six years? What about what they’ve said about DeSantis this year? The hypocrisy is stifling. What about the more recent attack on a Rubio volunteer and a GOP volunteer than got run over? What about last year’s Christmas parade killer Darrell Brooks who targeted whites in his vehicle? Crickets from the media and Biden. They don’t care when conservatives get attacked and their silence actually condones more of the same.

Now getting back to the Pelosi assault. Nancy alerted the police to keep the details of this assault a private matter. Really? The third in line to the presidency has an attempted attack, and we have to keep it quiet? No way. This is very reminiscent of what the parents of Seth Rich said after he was found assassinated in the street. Better to let dead dogs lie. Here’s the questions that need to be answered:

In no particular order:

1. Is the suspect known to Paul Pelosi?

2. Who called 9-1-1 or was it a well being call from outside?

3. Who opened the door when the police arrived?

4. Why didn’t the police take down the suspect if they saw them in a struggle for a hammer prior to the strike on Pelosi?

5. Why won’t the police release the 9-1-1 call or the body cam videos?

6.Who told them that the suspect was asking for Nancy? The suspect himself or Paul and how can we even believe that?

7. Why doesn’t the husband of the third in line for the presidency have a gun in his bedside table rather than a hammer to thwart off an intruder?

8. Why are the police hedging on what they think the motive was? They are always quick to release motives when it is a hate crime. Are they victims of their own soft-on-crime policies? Was this a salacious interlude? Live by the sword, die by the sword.

9. If it was nothing more than a mentally ill suspect, why not inform the public? Why keep us guessing?

10. Elder abuse is one of the charges but that can only be charged if the victim is in the care of the suspect. That is very suspect. Was he the hired help? Or is it an attempt to garner sympathy from the public that Paul is old.

11. Why have we not heard from the hospital doctors yet as to the condition of Paul? What are they hiding? Very suspect.

12. Why has a low level rookie FBI agent been assigned this case? Why not Chris Wray himself?

13. If the suspect lives in Berkeley, how did he get to SF in his underpants? Who dropped him off?

14. Was this an attempt to garner sympathy for Paul prior to the midterms after his DUI car crash that tarnished Nancy? Wouldn’t put it past Nancy as she was behind January 6th. They still claim pipe bombs were set by MAGA, yet they haven’t arrested the culprit that was caught on camera and looked like a BLM member.

15. Was this an attempt by the Dems to change the narrative from inflation, high crime, open borders, gender confusion, fentanyl crisis prior to the mid terms? If so, I think it backfired.

Notice an extremely angry Obama has hit the campaign trail making up lies about Republicans. He is claiming that the Republicans want to end social security. Really? That has never been their platform, ever. Nice try, Obama. Why not go back to your cliffside estate and shut your lying mouth. You look desperate and really old and skinny. Biden must be rubbing off on you. Doesn’t Michael um… er… Michelle my belle cook for you? Where’s that vegie garden she was so into?

Expect more of these diversions from Biden’s failing presidency from now until election day. Nancy will be sent packing if we take over the House and that could be the impetus behind why the police are hedging, dodging, and weaving questions.


3 thoughts on “What Are the Police Hiding in Pelosi Attack?

  1. After Covid, I wouldn’t put anything past the Democrats. They will literally do anything to preserve power. There is a lot of screwy stuff surrounding this incident. Tucker ripped it open last night. a lot of unanswered questions. My wife says the richer people get the weirder they get. I think she has a point.

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  2. You think? I mean I’m just guessing as it is San Francisco and the Pelosis have no scruples. No wonder they are covering up the story. The police know what happened but are scared to say. So instead they imply right wingers have something to do with it. Next they’ll say Trump hired the guy. I don’t believe the story that he came in asking for Nancy. I think that’s their CYA story.


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