From “Deplorables” to “Nazis” to “Not Being Smart Enough”.

Chelsea Clinton and Hillary Clinton in “Gutsy,” premiering September 9, 2022 on Apple TV+.

Dumb and dumber.

That’s what Hillary thinks of Trump supporters or anyone that votes Republican. We’re too stupid to understand the issues. Well…let’s break this down. Do the women on The View seem to understand the issues facing us? No, they don’t so thus they are the stupid ones.

Does Biden (who thinks there are 54 states) understand the issues facing us? No, he doesn’t because he caused them so thus he’s the stupid one. He is so arrogant that he can’t believe that a Progressive would be unhappy with the Pelosis so he has to blame Mega MAGA extremists for Paul’s assault. How shallow minded is he? Pretty shallow. If he has any mind left. He thinks his son Beau was a war hero who died in Iraq. He thinks Hunter is the smartest man he knows. And he thinks Kamala is the president. He thinks he brought down gas prices from $5 when he began his presidency. And he looks for dead people. Doesn’t seem smart enough to me to understand the issues. So who are the stupid ones?

Hillary better keep her big fat lying mouth shut as she’s doing her party no favors. Pissing off half the population like she and Biden do cannot be helping the Democrat/Socialist Party garner any more votes. I think anyone who still votes Democrat at this point is just a lost cause. No campaigning or convincing them otherwise will change their minds.

The Democrats are Spin Doctors. When we say “Voter ID,” they say “Racist.” When we say “Stolen election,” they say “Election deniers.” When we say “Poll Watchers,” they say “Voter Suppression.” When we say “rise in crime,” they say “why do you care so much?” When we say “inflation,” they say “transitory.” When we say “border invasion,” they say “closed and secure.” When we say “Antifa,” they say “just an idea.” When we say “smash and grab,” they say “reparations.” When we say “trespassing,” they say “armed insurrection.” When we say “BLM riots,” they say “mostly peaceful.” Doesn’t sound like they are smart enough to understand the issues especially when they can’t grasp the issues.

All this democracy talk from the left is laughable. They want to protect democracy yet the left are the only ones that are violent, divisive, and spewing venom not the conservatives. Progressives do not value life, decency, or humanity itself. They lie, steal, cheat, assault, break in, and kill but never get punished because, of course, they are poor progressives who we must take pity on.

I hope there is a huge Red Tsunami on election day so we can impeach AG Garland for being the most politicized AG in history. And we should impeach Biden for not protecting our borders from an invasion and killing our energy independence. Pray for a Red Wave! Our lives and safety depend on it. And let’s put Hillary out to pasture where she can chew on some grass rather than spew manure from her mouth.


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