“What Goes Around, Comes Around.” Watch out, Democrats!

Just like this little girl on the carousel. Two can play this tit for tat game they’re playing on Trump and all his colleagues. Jim Jordan announced that the House will be coming for Joe and Hunter; and it doesn’t look good. And they all know it. In fact, Joe will soon be eating his infamous line “No one f**ks with a Biden”.

So what do they do? The very next day worm-faced AG Garland appoints a Special Counsel, again, to go after Trump for God knows what this time. Trump tried to change the results of the 2020 election and stole some memorabilia from the White House. Please. You got nothing on Trump.

But because “what goes around, does eventually come around,” we will have plenty to go after Biden, Garland, Mayorkas, Wray, Kamala, et al, and they fear us now. Taking over The House was the best thing that could happen to the GOP. We finally have the upper hand and can do to them what they’ve done to us for the past six years if we have the chutzpah. Giving them a little taste of their own medicine sounds like a great idea. We the People are frankly tired of the GOP turning the other cheek and letting them off while we are in the majority. They never appreciate it.

So watch out, Democrats! We’re coming for you this time. The ball’s in our court now. And Republicans, please don’t let us down again with more lip service.

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