Mystery at University of Idaho.

What really happened the night four college students were stabbed to death while in bed fast asleep? Who can we rule out? Based on the limited information that the police are allowing the public to know, I have the following questions and or comments:

  1. If one victim was targeted and the others were collateral damage, how did the perp know which bedroom she slept in unless he’d been in the house before? That alone seems to implicate the ex boyfriend of one of the gals who was texting with her that same night. His place of residence needs to be searched for bloody clothes, shoes, droplets, or the weapon to officially rule him out. I don’t care how nice the parents of the victim say he is, jealousy combined with a broken heart is a strong drug. Get out the Luminol. Luminol is often combined with hydrogen peroxide to react with the heme groups in blood, producing a bright blue glow, known as chemiluminescence. This glow allows crime scene technicians to detect blood that has dried on surfaces or to detect blood that someone tried to clean from a surface.
  2. The scene doesn’t seem to have the signature of a serial killer as they are driven by sex and leave semen at the scene of the crimes. They also take trophies of their conquests. Although it has a similar ring to Ted Bundy’s last assault on a college sorority house; no semen, no trophy, no serial.
  3. Also, no sign of forced entry into the house either means a door left unlocked or the perp may have his own key which also implicates the boyfriend or someone who knew them. Doubt if they have a maid.
  4. With all the illegal aliens entering our country what are the chances that a member of MS13, who love to butcher bodies, entered the house through an unlocked door and just attacked a pretty blonde that he had been following? With the invasion at our border spreading to other states, no town is safe any longer thanks to Biden.
  5. What are the chances that this pretty blonde gal had pissed off a member of BLM, LBGQT, or one less fortunate gal at their college who in a deranged state of mind came to her place to kill her. We know the GenZ’rs are getting taught to hate different classes of people. White against black; poor against rich; gay against straight. No telling what state of mind this perp was in. They are teaching “white privilege” and “white guilt” in school, and these kids looked white and privileged. Revenge of the nerds maybe?
  6. Someone in that town knows whodunnit as that person was out at 3 to 4 a.m. and only someone who knows the perp would be privy to that information. Even the homeless know if their tent neighbor was missing that evening. Go interview the homeless. Interview more college students to see if their roommate was out all night.
  7. This crime involved one knife with one angry person, and no theft or even a getaway vehicle that authorities have spoken of. The bloody footprints alone should rule out many suspects based on the size and pattern of the tread.
  8. A psychotic drifter coming through town with no motive and leaving after killing these students is another possibility, but he’d be long gone by now. Chances of catching a psychotic drifter is slim to none.
  9. Lastly, a lone stalker that lives at home with his mom and hates the rowdy college kids in town. Not a sexual killing but rather an underprivileged kid with mental and/or substance abuse issues like the Sandy Hook killer. If I worked for the FBI, I’d be interviewing every person living in close proximity to this crime scene house, especially in rundown farmhouses.

One thing we do know is that there is an increase in violent crimes across America with mass shootings, stabbings, and thugings. Something has to be done about it. Let’s hope they catch the perp soon and it doesn’t end up on my list of stories that have disappeared from the news. Pray for the victims’ grieving families.

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