Thoughts of a Time Traveler From 2005.

I often think of the good ol’ days of even after 9-11 when our country was united against Islamic Terrorism and that seemed to be our only problem at the time. Yes, we were in the questionable Iraq War but that even seems like a distance problem compared to problems of today. What would a male time traveler think if he landed on 2022 in his time machine?

He’d immediately go to the nearest news channel probably on FOX or CNN depending on his political persuasion, so that hasn’t changed much. But what would he be thinking? He’d be wondering why there was an illegal mass migration at our southern border and why our current president was doing nothing to stop it. Are we at war with South America, and they are invading? Where’s our troops to stop this invasion? He’d be shocked to see that our schools have started teaching sex education at younger and younger ages and something called gender neutrality and confusion. He’d also be shocked to see that students were being taught to feel shame for being White and oppressed for being Black. What country am I in? would be his response. Did I accidentally go back in time rather than forward?

Then to see men changing into women to participate in women’s sports against other women would have to be a head scratcher for sure. Then watching the current president looking so old and feeble and barely able to speak compared to George Bush at the time, would leave the time traveler wondering why our country had failed in such a short time? And isn’t the current president that senator that ran many times before but the media found out he was a plagiarizer in college, lied about his grades, and stole speeches from other leaders? Why would he be able to win the presidential election? Then to see the vice president cackling and putting together a word salad that didn’t make since compared to Dick Cheney would also be mindboggling for the time traveler.

And was playboy, real estate barren Donald Trump really the GOP president prior to this feeble old man and how did he do? According to one channel, he is getting investigated for a myriad of crimes; but on FOX and some new channel, he was the best president since Ronald Reagan. Who should I believe? And what is Bill Clinton’s scorned wife doing in the news so much? What’s her deal? Still standing by her cheating man? And why does she have it out for Trump so much?

He’d also see daily news of mass shootings, smash and grab crimes, and the New York subways too dangerous to ride. He’d wonder why the criminals are getting out of jail after being arrested. He’d wonder what kind of loosey goosey government was running our country and big cities? Had we been taken over by liberals or communists? Was this really just the Democrat Party in charge? And what is all this talk about climate change, green energy, and electric vehicles? Are they really putting an end to fossil fuel that heats our homes and fuels our cars? Say it ain’t so. Had Al Gore’s movie gotten to the folks this much to allow such nonsense to continue for twenty years? It would appear so.

Why is this feeble old president giving loan forgiveness to college students? Why? I saved to put my children through college. Would someone like me get reimbursed for being a good parent that never took vacations and spent wisely? And what’s with some of the people walking around with masks on? Is there an epidemic that folks need to be fearful of? Looks like our country has turned into China. And what’s with all these BLM and Rainbow banners? Who are they and have they taken over our government?

After watching the news for a whole day and even walking around the town in bewilderment, he had these final thoughts: Thanks, but no thanks. I’m going back to 2005 with George Bush as president. At least we had elections that didn’t go on for weeks with broken tabulators, disenfranchised voters, mail in ballots, and harvested ballots. And what is Obamacare? Never heard of it. I’ll stick with my Kaiser Permanente Plan that pays for everything, even childbirth. Our country in 2022 seems to have gone off the rails at some point in time.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Time Traveler From 2005.

  1. The destruction of the Twin Towers and peripheral damage has been repaired, a beautiful monument erected in memory of the victims. However, the damage continues to mount from the knee jerk reaction called the Patriot Act, which continues to strip Americans of their Constitutional rights. The 9-11 pain will continue until the Patriot Act is nullified. I doubt the politicians will ever do that and give up an ounce of their power over us.


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