Democrats Will Get What They Deserve.

But the rest of us will be collateral damage, especially in New York City. Can anyone understand how the residents of New York voted for a governor who said the crime on the subways was fake news and a myth? Does anyone understand how the mayor of NYC and governor of failing California stay in office? These people win by resounding numbers and yet nothing changes in their states. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, and that’s what the voters in California and New York have done. It baffles me to the point where I’m losing faith in people.

At least in Arizona they attempted to change their governor but got hit with the headwinds of fraud, again. Our society is sinking into depravity daily because of leftwing policies, especially in our schools. In fact, Pompeo said the biggest threat to America is currently the Secretary of Education. She has singlehandedly and systematically turned our schools into a grooming factory.

And who in their right mind thinks Biden is doing a great job? Notice how Mr. Compassionate hasn’t said one word about the murders in a small Idaho college town. Why is that? Because it doesn’t fit his narrative of getting rid of guns and doesn’t have many voters in Idaho anyway. Everything he does has to have a political gain for him. Murder by knife does nothing for his agenda. But it proves my theory that “guns don’t kill people, psychos do.” Notice Biden never cared about the Christmas parade murderer who recently went to trial? Murder by car does nothing for his agenda. And what about the Black Walmart Manager that shot his own employees? Crickets from Biden as Blacks don’t kill, only Whites do. Biden is not compassionate like the media portrays him. He’s as cold as ice cream.

Can’t the average person see through Biden and what he is all about? Or do they have willful ignorance? He has shutdown energy independence in our country and allowing Chevron to drill in Venezuela. This does zero to combat the so-called climate change by drilling in another country rather than ours. He seems to think the air and water stops at our country’s shoreline. Then he sends billions to countries who care little about climate just to appease the global warming activists. This is also insanity.

Our country is being run by total corrupt incompetents from the top on down; and the Democrats will get what they deserve, but we shouldn’t have to be collateral damage due to their stupidity. I’m sick of morons walking around with masks on outside and in their car. It looks like we have idiots on the loose in our country. Notice it is more prevalent in liberal parts of the country. I’m tired of our government rewarding lawlessness at all levels. Drugs addicts are protected as well as shoplifters, muggers, and sex offenders. In NYC it will be against the law for a landlord to do a background check on a potential renter. Really? So, they’ll have to rent to someone with a low credit score and possibly a criminal history. Lovely. They say it is discriminating against one’s history. Duh! If they hadn’t broken the law or not paid their bills, they’d be approved. Past behavior has consequences but not in liberal towns. So, who will suffer aside from the landlords? Those living near these deadbeats. Collateral damage again.

Little by little our country is turning into a third world country, and there’s little we can do about it. Our border is wide open, and criminals are pouring in. We were relying on the last election whereby we eked out a win in the House (which I think would have been higher, but fraud was alive and well). We all know the fix is in in Georgia senate revote which will give the Senate to the Democrats outright leaving us vulnerable to more of the same and worse. We have to get Biden out at all costs even before 2024. His scorched-Earth leadership is killing our country.

2 thoughts on “Democrats Will Get What They Deserve.

  1. Our brains must be connected by some invisible transmission line. I just wrote about a lot of this same stuff yesterday. It’s crazy how everything got turned upside down before our very eyes. Actually, all of these forces must have been working in the background, out of sight, otherwise someone would have raised a red flag. If you want to read an eye-opening article, go to Fox News Breaking News online, and read the article about the Mom that paid to have her daughter de-programmed after attendance to and all-girls school. The daughter’s testimony is also in the article, crazy stuff.


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