Will Elon and China’s Uprising Finally Expose the Biden Crime Syndicate Family?

Joe’s silence is not golden, but more like beholden to our enemies. We all know the Bidens are up to their ears in years of selling favors to our enemies; for instance, holding back U. S. aid to Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor that was investigating Burisma where Hunter worked. Things like that. VP Joe at the time held back the aid of billions (quid pro quo) until his son’s company (that paid him millions) was exonerated. Not only that, but Joe’s been sending our taxpayer money to Ukraine to fund their war like it’s going out of style in requital for the ill-gotten money he and Hunter took.

Why did they sell favors to our enemies, you ask? Because it is very profitable. More profitable than selling favors to our allies. But both are acts of treason.

Joe is suspiciously silent when the citizens of China uprise against “King” Xi. I wonder why? Can’t go against his buddy Xi as he has got the goods on the whole Biden Crime Syndicate Family, including doctor Jill. Behind every corrupt man is a woman. Joe should be coming to the mic to denounce the draconian methods of covid lockdowns that Xi regime is enforcing on his citizens but, alas, he owes Xi millions of dollars in silence. Same thing is happening in Iran. People are protesting the inhumane treatment of women by the regime, but Biden remains silent as he doesn’t want to upset his Nuclear Deal with Iran. I thought the Democrats were for women’s rights. Not so much.

Now Elon is about to expose what went down before the 2020 election on Twitter. He’ll expose all the banned, censored, deleted, cancelled conservative posts prior to the election that could have changed the minds of millions against Biden, especially the Laptop from Hell story. Can’t wait for that. Notice how the leftwing media is up in arms over Elon? They’re calling him names like a stupid billionaire and asking the president to get involved. If Elon is stupid, then what are all the rest of us peons? They don’t want fair and balanced freedom of speech but rather only leftwing propaganda that Facebook and Twitter were known for. Apparently, according to the left, conservative speech is hate speech. It incites riots and hate. But the only ones taking to the streets with hateful signs, destruction, and language are on the left. Amazing.

Bottom line: The Deep State (FBI, CIA, DOJ, Fauci, CDC, Mayorkas, Biden regime, elected Democrats) are finally getting exposed, despite the medias attempt to cover for them for the last six years, for what they really are: lying, cheating, underhanded, conniving, dirty rotten, communist scoundrels trying to ruin our country. Too much?

Stay tuned for Elon’s expos’e and Biden’s response to that. “I did not ever talk to my son about his business deals. But he is the smartest man I know.” (Craftiest maybe, but not smartest. Elon is the smartest with Trump a close second.)

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